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Title Arthik Jagat
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Jatindranath Bhattacharyya


Arthik Jagat was started in 1345 B.S. (1938) as a weekly Bengali journal on economic affairs. It devoted attention mainly to trade, commerce, agriculture and industry. Edited by Jatindranath Bhattacharya, the published matter in the journal was commonly divided into ‘Prabandha’ (essays) and ‘Samayik Prasanga’ (contemporary issues). A few of the regular sections were ‘Arthik Duniar Khoborakhobor’ (Information of Economic Affairs); ‘Kompany Prasanga’ (Company Matters); ‘Mat o Path’ (Opinion and Way); ‘Bajarer Halchal’ (The Market); ‘Bima Prasanga’ (Insurance Matters); and ‘Pustak Parichay’ (Introduction to Books).

The journal seemed to have had an important contribution in disseminating information and knowledge about the economic affairs of Bengal and India, situating it in the wider context of global economic trends. Authors who contributed to the journal included Amritalal Ojha, Kamalkanta Bhattacharya, Sisir Kumar Basak, Suresh Chandra Deb, Kalicharan Ghosh, Bimal Chandra Singha, Sudhansghu Bhushan Ray, Charuchandra Chattopadhyay, K.N. Dalal, and Subinay Bhattacharya.

The journal threw light on the various aspects of sectors such as banking, insurance, industry, trade, agriculture, transport, and cooperatives. The journal also dealt with revenue and fiscal policies, commercial trends, agricultural loans, market prices, population trends, the unemployment problem, the working-class movement, currency and monetary policy, politics, and public health. Some of the articles published were: ‘Amader Desher Banking Somosya’ (The Problems of Banking in Our Country); ‘Jatigothone Bimar Sthan’ (The Role of Insurance in Nation Building); ‘Bangla Sarkarer Arthik Durabastha’ (The Economic Distress of the Bengal Government); ‘Byabosaye Sampradayikotar Bipad’ (The Threat of Communalism to Business); ‘Raptani Banijya o Sarkari Niyantran’ (Export Trade and Governmental Control); ‘Banglar Krishaker Arthik Abostha’ (The Economic Condition of Bengali Farmers); ‘Bharate Janbahon Silper Birat Udyog’ (A Huge Initiative in the India’s Transport Industry); ‘Juddhakale Krishi Panyer Mulya’ (The Price of Agricultural Goods during the War); ‘Bharate Somobay Andolon’ (The Cooperative Movement in India); ‘Bharate Sramik Kalyaner Byabostha’ (Efforts for Workers’ Welfare in India); ‘Prachin Bharatiya Mudray Dhatur Byabohar’ (The Use of Metals in Ancient Indian Coins); ‘Swarner Anischit Bhobisyot’ (The Uncertain Future of Gold); ‘Patchashider Swartharakshay Banker Sahajya’ (The Assistance of Banks in Securing the Interests of Jute Cultivators); ‘Japaner Silponnoti’ (Industrial Development in Japan); ‘Bartaman Juddha o Bharate Silponnotir Somosya’ (The Present War and the Problems of India’s Industrial Development); ‘Banglay Janasasther Unnati’ (The Progress of Public Health in Bengal); and ‘Bekar Somosya o Banglar Sarkar’ (The Unemployment Problem and the Bengal Government).


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