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Title The Radical Humanist
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Language English
Publisher Name Maniben Kara


The Radical Humanist, formerly Independent India, was the organ of the Radical Humanist Movement in India. Founded in 1937 by M.N. Roy, this was a weekly journal of international affairs that also focused on humanism and the humanist movement in India and abroad. M.N. Roy was the journal’s longstanding editor. The journal published articles, comments, notes, reports, news, book reviews and correspondences.


The section ‘World News and Views’ carried reports and articles such as ‘Economic Consolidation of Eastern Europe’, ‘Russian Defence System’, ‘The New Social Basis of Communism’, ‘America’s Strategic Retreat’, ‘Western Powers Agree: New Economic Policy in Germany’, ‘Chaos in Indo-China’ and ‘Problems of Democracy and Socialism’. Another section, ‘Behind the Headlines’, carried weekly national news with special reference to political developments as well as excerpts from newspapers and other journals on aspects of national life. These newspapers and journals included The Statesman (Calcutta), New Democrat (Bombay), Free Press Journal and Swatantra (Madras). Key articles included Owen Tucker’s ‘Humanism as I See It’; Heinz Kuhn’s ‘Resurrection of European Democracy’; Jaime Torres Bodet’s ‘Towards New Humanism’; M.N. Roy’s ‘New Humanism and the Radical Humanist Movement’; G.Y. Chitnis’ ‘Man and Bondage of Totality’; and Sunil Mukerji’s ‘Humanist Ethics’.

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Publication Year 1949

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