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Title Janhabi
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Sudhakrishna Bagchi


Edited by Sudhakrishna Barchi, the Bengali monthly journal Janhabi was started in 1318 B.S. (1911), and was published from the Janhabi office, Calcutta. The journal covered literature, history, religion and society. Published articles included Rajanikanta Bidyabinod’s article on the Qanungo Bangadhikari family during Mughal rule, Harisadhan Mukhopadhyay’s recollection of anecdotes on Aurangzeb, Dharmananda Mahabharati’s account of Socrates, Rajanikanta Bidyabinod’s account of ancient Nabadwip, Brajasundar Sanyal’s essay on women in India, Rajanikanta Bidyabinod’s enquiry of Gokulgunj, Anil Chandra Mukhopadhyay’s essay on the ancient history of the Hooghly district, Madhusudan Chakraborty’s history of ancient Japan, and Panchanan Ghosh’s account of the invasion of Bengal by Bakhtiyar Khalji. Essays on religious themes included Brajasundar Sanyal’s discussion on the Vaishnava religion, Satischandra Mukhopadhyay’s essay on eugenics and contemporary Hindu society, Satish Chandra Bidyabhushan’s account of Buddhist religious preachers, and Saraccandra Sashtri’s article on Vaishnava worshippers.

Serialized fiction included Hemnalini Devi’s ‘Binod Kumarer Khata’ (Binod Kumar’s Writing Book). The journal published the poets Nagendranath Bandyopadhyay, Sudhir Kumar Sen, Nripendra Kumar Basu, Surendranath Das, Gyananjan Chattopadhyay, Bhupendra Kumar Shyam, Sureshananda Chakraborty, Narendranath Das, Niradbarani Devi, Prithvinath Sashtri, Nagendranath Som, Labanyamayee Devi, Priyanath Bhattacharya, Purnachandra Chaudhury, Jatindramohan Sengupta, Amritalal Basu, Narendranath Ghosh, Kulada Charan Sarkar, Ambuja Sundari Dasgupta, Rampada Chattopadhyay, Sibnath Sashtri, Haricharan Mitra, and Renukabala Dasi.

Janhabi included a section for the critique of other Bengali periodicals. A few science-oriented articles appeared, such as Sri Chakraborty’s note on the new treatment procedure of bacteria or Jagadananda Ray’s comparative study of animal and plant life.


Religion, history, society, literature, ancient, history, women, Sudhakrishna, Barchi, Rajanikanta, Bidyabinod, Calcutta, India

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