Publication Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research
Document Title Volume II, Issue 1, 1914
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1914
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i-iii unknown Download PDF (258 KB)
Frontmatter i-ii unknown Download PDF (68 KB)
Report on the Control and Utilization of Rivers and Drainage for the Fertilization of Land and Mitigation of Malaria 1-26 Edward Buck Download PDF (1.73 MB)
Report on the Utilization of Silt in Italy.* 27-xxiv C.H. Hutton Download PDF (9.53 MB)
Supplementary Note to the “Report on Utilization of Silt in Italy.” 89-91 C.H. Hutton Download PDF (183 KB)
Report on the Colmate Di Monte “of Italy” 92-x F. Clayton Download PDF (2.57 MB)
A Short Note on the Silting up of the Bistupur Bhil at Berhampore 99-102 W.W. Clemesha Download PDF (87 KB)
Drainage and Sanitation in Rural Areas in the Madras Presidency 103-115 M. Rao Download PDF (981 KB)
Rural Sanitation in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh 116-123 Sri Bahadur Download PDF (528 KB)
Village Sanitation 124-127 K.R. Godbole Download PDF (281 KB)
Medical Inspection of Schools and School Hygiene 128-132 Ganesh Sahasrabudhe Download PDF (349 KB)
The Unhygienic and the Insanitary Condition of Boys 'and Girls' Schools in Cities 133-138 Gopal Bhandari Download PDF (425 KB)
Education of Teachers and Children in Hygiene 139-140 H.G. Webb Download PDF (99 KB)
The Prevalence of Flies in Delhi and their Reduction 141-147 A.W. Young Download PDF (469 KB)
Pail Latrines and a Plea for the Sweeper 148-ii Geo Robertson Download PDF (368 KB)
Note on the Nasik System of Pitting Nightsoil to Ripen it for Sale to Cultivators 151-153 J.L. Marjoribanks Download PDF (214 KB)
Note on the Pitting of Night-Soil and Manure in Private Compounds 154-155 J.L. Marjoribanks Download PDF (118 KB)
A Short Note on Incineration in India 156-158 H.G. Webb Download PDF (148 KB)
Proposals for the Formation of a Women’s Domestic Sanitary Service for India 159-161 A.M. Benson Download PDF (141 KB)
Nurse District Visitors in Madras City 162-165 P.L. Moore Download PDF (196 KB)
Infant Mortality 166-171 S. Rozdon Download PDF (374 KB)
High Temperature as a Cause of Infantile Mortality 172-186 W.H. Kenrick Download PDF (2.14 MB)
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