Publication Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research
Document Title Volume V, Issue 1, 1914
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1914
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-iv unknown Download PDF (176 KB)
Synoptic Arrangement of Indian Anophelines-With Rference to Teaching Requirements 1-8 S.R. Christophers Download PDF (450 KB)
Note on Experiments to Determine the Reaction of Mosquitoes to Artificial Light 9-11 Chas Bentley Download PDF (163 KB)
Kala azar in Assam 12-14 F. Mackie Download PDF (180 KB)
The Breaking of Assam Tea Garden Experience on the Problem of the Etiology of Kala-Azar 15-20 Leonard Bogers Download PDF (429 KB)
Report on the Progress of the Kala-Azar Investigation During the Season 1912-13 21-44 T.C. Young Download PDF (1.75 MB)
The Bacteriology of the Colombo Town and Well Water 45-62 L. Hirst Download PDF (1.09 MB)
Experiments in the Filtration of Water Through Slow Sand and Mechanical Filters, at the King Institute, Guindy, Madras 63-84 W. Hution Download PDF (1.01 MB)
Note on the Working of the Cooperative Dairy Society at Lucknow 85-93 S.A. Harris Download PDF (524 KB)
Note on the Institution and Management of Co-Operative Dairies in the United Provinces, with Special Reference to the Co-Operative Dairies in Existence at Benares and Lucknow 94-99 R.W.D. Willoughby Download PDF (390 KB)
Note on Lucknow 100-108 Ganga Varma Download PDF (691 KB)
A Short Descriptive Note on Lucknow City Sanitation 109-x P.R. Hewlett Download PDF (2.96 MB)
Lucknow Water- Works 113-115 H.I. Carter Download PDF (530 KB)
Further Investigations into the Persistence of Plague Infection in the Villages of Poona District During the Off-Season 116-125 J.C.G. Kunhardt Download PDF (931 KB)
Plague Prophylactic Measures During the Off-Season 126-157 J.C.G. Kunhardt Download PDF (1.30 MB)
Rat Destruction and Plague 158-161 S. Smith Download PDF (323 KB)
The Use and Advantages of Hydrocyanic Acid Gas as a Disinfectant for Plague-Infected Houses And Ships 162-175 W. Liston Download PDF (1.50 MB)
Note on Some Points of Interest Regarding Vital Statistics 176-183 C.A. Bentley Download PDF (427 KB)
Note on Some Simple Methods of Testing the Registration of Vital Occurrences in India 184-186 C.A. Bentley Download PDF (199 KB)
Registration of Vital Statistics 187-188 T.C. Young Download PDF (134 KB)
Note on the Registration of Vital Statistics in Sind 189-191 W. Murphy Download PDF (177 KB)
Note on a Reinforced Concrete Pipe for Ahmednagar Water-Supply 192-195 T.S. Pipe Download PDF (212 KB)
Prevention of Waste in Water Supplies 196-214 C.H. West Download PDF (1.16 MB)
Notes On Comparative Cost of Pumping at Various Water-Works in the Central Provinces 215-220 L.W.S. Oldham Download PDF (326 KB)
Benaras, I.—Drainage. II.—Minor Improvements. III. —Water-Works 221-222 C.A.C. Streatfeild Download PDF (145 KB)
Backmatter i-iv unknown Download PDF (642 KB)
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