The Indian Journal of Medical Research, October 1932
Document Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research, October 1932
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1932
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - xxi S.R. Christophers Download PDF (2.17 MB)
Cultivation of Various Leishmania Parasites on Solid Medium 355 - 368 J.C. Ray Download PDF (826 KB)
A Suitable Formula of Ringer’s Solution for Perfusion Work on the Hearts of Indian Frogs.* 369 - 376 S.A. Rahman & R.N. Abhyankar Download PDF (592 KB)
The Influence of H Ion Concentration on Cholera Bacteriophagy. A Preliminary Note 377 - 386 R. Rao Download PDF (351 KB)
Osteomalacia (Late Rickets) Studies. Part X. Administration of Calcium Phosphate 387 - 390 Dagmar Wilson Download PDF (181 KB)
Studies in Pernicious Anæmia of Pregnancy. Part V. Production of a Macrocytic Anæmia in Monkeys by Deficient Feeding 391 - ii Lucy Wills & H.S. Bilimoria Download PDF (920 KB)
The Genera Heterakis and Pseudaspidodera in Indian Hosts 403 - vi P.A. Maplestone Download PDF (1.47 MB)
Sample Surveys of Leprosy in India 421 - 434 Ernest Muir & Isaac Santra Download PDF (837 KB)
Interim Report on 'Pernicious Anæmia of Pregnancy' 435 - 458 A.L. Mudaliar & K. Rao Download PDF (1.08 MB)
An Investigation into the Causation of Ascites 459 - 488 M.V. Rao Download PDF (1.52 MB)
The Serological Classification of Lactose Fermenters (B. Coli) as a Guide in Determining their Source 489 - 504 T. Ayyar Download PDF (815 KB)
Studies on Indian Simuliidæ. Part IV*: Descriptions of Two New Species from North-East India Simulium Howletti Sp. N. and Simulium Hirtipannus Sp. N., with a Note on S. Ornatum Meigen 505 - iii I.M. Puri Download PDF (1.51 MB)
Studies on Indian Simuliidæ. Part V. Species and Varieties of the Striatum Series 515 - ii I.M. Puri Download PDF (1.40 MB)
Moringa Pterygosperma (N.O. Moringæ) 533 - 544 R.N. Chopra, Premankur De & Nripendra De Download PDF (1.22 MB)
Opium Habit in the Punjab. Part I 545 - 564 R.N. Chopra Download PDF (1.17 MB)
Some Further Records of Phlebotomus from Africa 565 - v J.A. Sinton Download PDF (1.19 MB)
Notes on Some Indian Species of the Genus Phlebotomus. Part XXXI. Phlebotomus Eadithæ N. Sp 577 - i J.A. Sinton Download PDF (393 KB)
Note on an Intradermal Reaction in Monkey Malaria 581 - 584 J.A. Sinton & H.W. Mulligan Download PDF (137 KB)
All-India Life Tables 585 - i H.P. Chaudhuri Download PDF (893 KB)
An Inquiry into Snake-Bite in Iraq 599 - 626 Norman Corkill Download PDF (2.24 MB)
Further Researches into the Treatment of Chronic Benign Tertian Malaria with Plasmoquine and Quinine 627 - 632 O.D. Jarvis Download PDF (242 KB)
Effect of Sunlight and Darkness on the Thyroid Gland 633 - 636 R. McCarrison Download PDF (145 KB)
The Effect of Insanitary Condition on the Thyroid Gland and Other Organs of the Body 637 - 650 R. McCarrison & K.B. Madhava Download PDF (1.12 MB)
Mineral Metabolism in Rabbits Fed on a Cabbage Diet 651 - 662 S. Ranganathan Download PDF (507 KB)
Chemical Examination of Some Indian Medicinal Plants: Tinospora Cordifolia, Solanum Xanthocarpum and Fumaria Officinalis 663 - 670 Gajanan Pendse & Sikhibhushan Dutt Download PDF (471 KB)
Filariasis in North Travancore 671 - 672 M.O.T. Iyengar Download PDF (93 KB)
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