Publication Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research
Document Title Volume XXV, Issue 3, 1938
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1938
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-xviii Colonel J. Taylor Download PDF (2.16 MB)
Studies on the Specific Polysaccharides of the Vibrios. Part I. the Effect of the Growth-Medium 569-574 R. W. Linton Download PDF (349 KB)
Chemical and Serological Variation in Single-Cell Cultures of VI Brio Cholerae and Related Organisms 575-584 R. W. Linton Download PDF (372 KB)
An Epidemic of Cholera in a Rural Area in South India Caused by the 'Ogawa' Type of V. Cholerae 585-590 K. V. Venkatraman Download PDF (218 KB)
On the Value of Wilson and Blair’s Bismuth Sulphite Medium in the Isolation of Bact. Typhosum from Diver Water 591-594 A. D. Stewart Download PDF (160 KB)
Response of the Chorio-Allantoic Membrane of the Developing Chick-Embryo to Inoculation with Various Substances with Special Reference to B. Proteus X 19 595-602 C. G. Pandit Download PDF (448 KB)
Laboratory Tests on the Fungistatic and Fungicidal Effect of Various Substances 603-616 P. A. Maplestone Download PDF (498 KB)
The Immunization of Horses for the Production of High-Titre Tetanus Antitoxin 617-622 N. N. Ray Download PDF (175 KB)
Vitamin-A Contents of Ghee 623-632 Khem Grewal Download PDF (331 KB)
Studies in Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism. Part I. the Calcium and Phosphorus Content of the Soft Tissues of Normal Rats 633-642 V. N. Patwardhan Download PDF (477 KB)
The Treatment of Stomatitis Caused by Diet Deficiency 643-646 W. R. Aykroyd Download PDF (194 KB)
Skimmed Milk and the Growth of School Children 647-649 B. G. Krishnan Download PDF (148 KB)
A Statistical Note on the Experiments with Skimmed Milk 650-654 K. Mitra Download PDF (200 KB)
A Diet Survey of a Group of Sikh Soldiers 655-660 K. L. Shourie Download PDF (378 KB)
Studies on Vitamin-A Deficiency. Part III. Lesions of the Peripheral Nervous System 661-670 M. V. Rao Download PDF (790 KB)
The Oxalic-Acid Content of Some Indian Foodstuffs 671-676 B. N. Majumdar Download PDF (178 KB)
The 'Available' Iron in Some Common Indian Foodstuffs, Determined by the α, α’dipyridine Method 677-684 S. Ranganathan Download PDF (354 KB)
Phytin-Phosphorus Content of Indian Foodstuffs 685-692 A. R. Sundararajan Download PDF (295 KB)
The Effect on Rats of Supplementing a South Indian Diet with Calcium and Phosphorus 693-702 R. K. Pal Download PDF (1.31 MB)
Studies on Blood Choline Esterase 703-712 H. S. Mahal Download PDF (421 KB)
Preparation, Properties, and Piiarmacologica' Action of P-Aminobenzoyl-Aminometiiyll- Hydrocotarnine 713-722 B. B. Dey Download PDF (409 KB)
Red Cells, Hemoglobin, Colour Index, Saturation Index, and Volume Index Standards. Part II. Normal Indian Women: A Study Based on the Examination of 101 Women 723-740 S. S. Sokhey Download PDF (991 KB)
Haematological Investigations in South India. Part I. the Estimation of Hemoglobin 741-752 G. Sankaran Download PDF (617 KB)
Hematological Investigations in South India. Part II. the Effect of the Administration of Iron on the Haemoglobin Level in Indian Girls and Young Women 753-762 G. Sankaran Download PDF (619 KB)
The Absence of Effective Immunity after Cure of Protozoal Infections 763-778 H. E. Shortt Download PDF (729 KB)
Investigation on the Isolation of the Neurotoxin and Hifmolysin of Cobra (Naja. Naja) Venom 779-786 B. N. Ghosh Download PDF (380 KB)
The Successful Transmission of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by Inoculation to Man from a Natural Lesion Occurring on a Dog in India 787-790 J. A. Sinton Download PDF (194 KB)
Studies in 'Effects of Heat'. Part I. Biochemical and Physical Changes in Ten Cases Suffering from 'Effects of Heat' 791-828 P. N. Chakravarti Download PDF (1.96 MB)
Backmatter 829-ii Colonel J. Taylor Download PDF (855 KB)
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