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Title Tattvakaumudi
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Ramakrishna Bedanta Math
Publisher Region Calcutta


Tattvakaumudi was the Bengali mouthpiece of the Brahma Samaj in colonial Bengal. The magazine took its name from the following: Sambad Kaumudi, the paper published by Rammohun Roy, the Tattvabodhini Patrika of Debendranath Tagore and the Dharmatattva of Keshub Chandra Sen. The journal, founded in 1878, was published fortnightly with emphasis on religion and society. Apart from tracing the evolution of the Brahmo Samaj since its inception, the journal published reports on the activities of various branches of the Samaj. Every issue of the journal began with a prayer, and was followed by a few useful quotes and a strong editorial piece. Obituaries appeared frequently.


With regard to the Brahmo Samaj, its objectives, demands, religious principles, modes of worship, problems, and its agendas were propagated systematically. The activities and achievements of the Samaj’s members such as Debendranath Tagore and Sibnath Shastri were mentioned. The journal reproduced lectures delivered by eminent personalities on various occasions organized by different Brahmo Samaj branches. Such speakers included Prafulla Chandra Ray and Krishna Kumar Mitra. Published articles dwelt upon themes such as concept of death, the idea of heaven, the value of worship, the principles of religious life, indoctrination, the development of the self, Ramakrishna’s worship, and so on.


Comparative studies of the Brahmo religion and other religions such as Islam and Christianity were published. New books on religious and philosophical subjects with special reference to Brahmo philosophy were reviewed and recommended for reading. The charitable activities of the Samaj were reported.


Brahmo, samaj, religion, sociology, philosophy, lectures, Rammohun, Roy, Keshab, Chandra, Sen, Sibnath, Shastri, Debendranath, Tagore, Calcutta, India

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