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Title New Indian Antiquary
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Started in 1938, New Indian Antiquary was a monthly journal of ‘Archaeology, Arts, Epigraphy, Ethnology, Folklore, Geography, History, Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Numismatics, Philosophy, Religion and all subjects connected with Indology’. Published by the Karnataka Publishing House of Bombay, the journal appeared in English, with occasional use of Sanskrit for illustration and elaboration of certain themes. The journal published essays, commentaries, notes, correspondences, news and reviews. Editorial writings appeared occasionally in the journal.


Published articles included: B.A. Salatore’s ‘The Authenticity of the Mughol Firmans’; R.D. Karmakar’s ‘The Authorship and Date of the Mrcchakatika’; W. Norman Brown’s ‘Some Notes of the Rain-charms, Rig-Veda 7.101-103’; P.K. Gode’s ‘Use of Guns and Gunpowder in India from A.D. 1400 Onwards’; B. Bhattacharyya’s ‘Ministers in Ancient India’; and Vittore Pisani’s ‘An Unnoticed Prakrit Idiom’.


The journal’s ‘Correspondence’ section included reports on meetings or conferences as well as comments on ancient texts. For example, in the April 1939 issue ‘Correspondence’ offered a report by D.V. Potdar on the proceedings of the first Indian History Congress held at Allahabad in 1935. The May 1939 issue included in its ‘Correspondence’ a note by P.C. Divanji on the ‘Resurrection of the Jnana Bhandars at Patan and Appreciation of the Work of the Jain Saint Hemachandra’. The journal also published very detailed and critical book reviews. Another section ‘Miscellanea’ included notes and commentaries on texts such as those by Panini and the Rkpratisakhya, the Rigveda, Abhilasitarthacintamani and Silparatna.


The journal occasionally published special commemorative volumes; for example, ‘A Volume of Eastern and Indian Studies’ in honor of Professor F.W. Thomas on the occasion his 72nd birthday in 1939.

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