The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, December 1933
Document Title The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, December 1933
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Manager of Publications
Publisher Region Delhi
Publication Date 1933
Subject Agriculture and Environment
Title Pages Author / Editor
Original Articles
Rusts of Wheat and Barley in India 939 - 962 K.C. Mehta Download PDF (1.60 MB)
The Relative Growth Rate, the Carbohydrate Contents and the Yield of the Rich Plant (Oryza Sativa L.) Under Different Treatments 963 - 1012 R.H. Dastur & A.R. Pirzada Download PDF (2.00 MB)
A Comparative Study of the Forms Grown at the Imperial Sugarcane Breeding Station, Coimbatore 1013 - 1044 Rama Panje Download PDF (2.37 MB)
Studies in Indian Pulses No. 6. The Root Systems of Green and Blacs Grams 1045 - 1056 R.D. Bose & R.G. Joglekar Download PDF (927 KB)
Photo-Nitrification of Some Compounds 1057 - 1063 Ram Sarkaria & Fazal Ud-Din Download PDF (323 KB)
Further Experiments on the Root-Gall Nematode, Heterodera Marioni (Cornu) Goodey in South India 1064 - 1071 P.N. Ayyar Download PDF (827 KB)
Inheritance of Characters in Ragi, Eleusine Cora.- Cana (Gaertn.) the Finger Millet. Part VII.—Fist-Like Earheads 1072 - 1079 G.N. Ayyangar & U. Wariar Download PDF (493 KB)
Inheritance of Characters in Ragi, Eleusine, Coracana (Gaertn.)—the Finger Millet. Part VIII.—Earhead Colour Factors 1080 - 1084 G.N. Ayyangar, U. Wariar & G. Ramabhadran Download PDF (201 KB)
A Simple Method for the Forecast of Emergence of Lac Larvae, and a Description of the Myology of the Adult Female Lac Insect, Laccifer Lacca Kerr. (Coccidae) 1085 - 1097 P.S. Negi Download PDF (1.18 MB)
Studies in the Development of the Female Game Tophyte in Some Leguminous Crop Plants of India 1098 - 1107 Basudev Roy Download PDF (2.08 MB)
Statis1Ical Notes foe Agricultural Workers 1108 - 1115 P.C. Mahalanobis Download PDF (395 KB)
Inheritance of Pollen Colour in Asiatic Cottons 1116 - 1123 V. Ayyar & R. Balasubrarmanyan Download PDF (519 KB)
The Inheritance Of Lintless in Asiatic Cottons 1124 - 1132 Mohammad Afzal & J.B. Hutohinson Download PDF (410 KB)
The Present Position and Future Prospects in Relation to the Biological Control of Prickly Pear 1133 - 1139 Alan Dodd Download PDF (459 KB)
Abstracts 1140 - 1141 unknown Download PDF (105 KB)
Note 1142 - 1142 unknown Download PDF (72 KB)
Notice of Book 1143 - 1145 unknown Download PDF (141 KB)
Publications of the Imperial Department of Agriculture in India 1 - 4 unknown Download PDF (266 KB)
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