The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, June 1951
Document Title The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, June 1951
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Manager of Publications
Publisher Region Delhi
Publication Date 1951
Subject Agriculture and Environment
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i - ii unknown Download PDF (344 KB)
Original Articles
The Nature of the Organic Nitrogen Compounds of Rice Soils 77 - 92 P.K. De & M.B. Mukherjee Download PDF (855 KB)
Trace Elements in Some Indian Grasses, Forage Crops, Concentrates, and Mineral Supplements 93 - 96 N.P. Datta & N.R. Biswas Download PDF (191 KB)
Manganese Status of Some Indian Soils 97 - 108 T.D. Biswas Download PDF (625 KB)
Mutation in Gram (Cicer Arietinum) 109 - 112 R. Balasubrahmanyan Download PDF (169 KB)
Co-Ordinated Manurial Trials on Rainfed Cotton in Peninsular India 113 - i V.G. Panse, V.B. Sahasrabudhe & V.K. Mokashi Download PDF (1.63 MB)
Some Studies in the Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables 137 - 154 Lal Singh, Girdhari Lal, T.S. Sadasivan & Nagina Jain Download PDF (1.00 MB)
Descriptions of New and Records of Known Chalcidoidea (Parasitic Hymenoptera) from India 155 - 178 S.P. Bhatnagar Download PDF (2.34 MB)
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