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Title Sachitra Bharat
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Narendranath Mukhopadhyay

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Literature, film, theater, culture, news, sports, Rebati, Bhushan, Sibram, Chakraborty, Calcutta, India


Sachitra Bharat, a Bengali illustrated weekly, was first published in 1936. The journal focused on literature, film and theater. The journal also specialized in satirical writings and cartoons, and published many photographs. The editorial was entitled ‘Khapchhara’ (Clumsy), and the section ‘Sat Panch’ (Various) focused on international and national news and events. Film and theater news stories were published in the section ‘Alochhaya’ (Light and Shade). Occasionally, sports news and obituaries were published in the journal.


Sachitra Bharat was known for its front-page comic illustrations. Rebati Bhushan did most of these illustrations for the journal. Authors included Sibram Chakraborty, Moni Dasgupta, Sarit Sekhar Majumdar, Gyanendranath Bagchi, Banaful, Rajsekhar Basu, Mukul Gupta and Nripendranath Chakraborty. Editorial articles published in the section ‘Khapchhara’ included ‘Bangla Bhashar Maddhyame Sahitya Ki Ochol?’ (Is Literature Redundant in the Bengali Language?), ‘Haidrabad Adhibeshan’ (The Hyderabad Session of the Indian National Congress), ‘Kolkatay Orajokota’ (Unruliness in Calcutta), ‘Bhasha Bibhrat’ (Language Problems), ‘Kolikatar Park’ (The Parks of Calcutta), ‘Mahamanab Stalin’ (The Great Stalin), ‘Kadiyanider Biruddhe Jehad’ (Jihad against the Kadiyanis), and ‘Chandigarer Roop’ (The Beauty of Chandigarh).


The journal carried film and theater reviews, film stills and photographs of film stars along with photographs taken at film or music releases. Cartoonist Saila Chakraborty’s comic series ‘Madventure’ was popular. The journal used to run a weekly cartoon competition and award token money to the best cartoonist of the week, whose name appeared in the journal. The journal also carried many advertisements of various products.

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