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Title Byabosa O Banijya
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali


Started in 1328 B.S. (1921), Byabosa Banijya was a Bengali monthly journal devoted to trade and industry. It dealt with various matters relating to agriculture, trade, industry, insurance, cooperatives, the share market, advertisements, company laws, fishery and public health. The journal published essays, commentaries, notes, biographical accounts, obituaries, statistics, manuals, letters, speeches, and book reviews. The regular sections included ‘Krishir Mashik Dairy’ (Monthly Dairy of Agriculture); ‘Formula o Recipe (Formula and Recipe); ‘Rangaras’(Humour and Fun); ‘Insurance Prasanga’ (Insurance Matters); ‘Bibidha Prasanga’ (Various Matters); ‘Prabad Sangraha’ (Collection of Proverbs), ‘Bichitra Barta’ (Various Information); ‘Kompany Prasanga’ (Company Matters); ‘Silpa Prasanga’ (Industrial Matters); ‘Banijya Prasanga’ (Commercial Matters); and ‘Patrabali’ (Letters).

Byabosa Banijya was known for its celebration of Bengali enterprise and entrepreneurship. The journal tried to counter the long-standing allegation of Bengalis’ idleness and lack of enterprise, highlighting their ability and expertise to run successful businesses and large-scale commercial activities, through articles such as ‘Bangalir Akhkhomota o Sramabimukhotar Proman? – Poriskrtita Charma o Jutor Byabosay’ (A Proof of Bengalis’ Inability and Idleness? – The Business of Cleaned Leather and Shoe-making). Other themes included: ‘Banglay Somobay Andolon’ (The Cooperative Movement in Bengal); ‘Chini Silper Bhobisyot’ (The Future of the Sugar Industry); ‘Pat Silper Bhobisyot’ (The Future of the Jute Industry); ‘Kothay Kirupe Bigyapan Dite Hoy’ (Where and How to Advertise?); ‘Batar Byabosay Niti’ (The Business Policy of Bata); ‘Narikel Chasher Paddhati o Labhalabh’ (The Methods of Coconut Cultivation and Profits); ‘Mafashale Chikitsaker Abhab’ (The Dearth of Doctors in the Mufussil); ‘Banglay Fisheri Bibhag Sthaponer Proyojoniyota’ (The Need for Creating a Fishery Department in Bengal); ‘Bharater Utpadon o Bantan Byabostha’ (The Production and Distribution System in India); ‘Sharer Bajar o Share Kroy-Bikroyer Paddhati’ (The Share Market and the Process of Purchase and Sale of Shares); and ‘Mithyabadi Sonakto Korar Atyabhud Jantrabali’ (A Peculiar Apparatus to Identify Liers). Among biographical accounts, those of Thomas Bata, Lala Harkishen Lal, and Andrew Karnegie deserve mention.

The journal provided regular updates on the revision of Company Laws, thus providing useful information to the businessmen, industrialists and traders. It also included discussion on foreign economic developments, in articles such as ‘Germanir Chaturbarshik Plan’ (The Four-year Plan of Germany), ‘Japani Protijogitay Bharatiya Silper Sarbanash’ (The Destruction of Indian Industry in the Competition from Japan), and ‘Italir Bartaman Abostha’ (The Present Condition of Italy). The journal published commercial advertisements of trade and industry in Bengal.

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