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Title Indian Sugar
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name The Indian Sugar Mills Association
Publisher Region Calcutta


Indian Sugar was a unique mouthpiece of the Indian Sugar Mills Association in independent India. First published in April 1951, the journal dealt with aspects of sugar production and industry in India. Published by the Association, its editor was J.S. Mehta. The journal published articles, notes, reports, government notifications, statistics, book reviews and letters to the editor. Indian Sugar was organized in terms of sections, namely: ‘Editorials’; ‘Special Articles’; ‘Sugar Technology’; ‘Sugarcane and its Problems’; ‘Sugar Confectionery’; ‘Sugar Abroad’; ‘Subsidiary Industries’; ‘From the States’; ‘Labour’; ‘Notes’; ‘Government Notifications, Reports etc.’; ‘Book Review’; ‘Letters to the Editor’; ‘Company Affairs’; and ‘Statistics’.

Each issue of the journal carried an editorial writing on a specific aspect of the Indian sugar industry and related matters. These writings had themes such as cane freight, sales tax laws, sugar policy, sugar prices, sugar industry, imports, sugar refinery, and Sugarcane Bill. Other published articles included M.N. Mitra’s ‘The Early History of Sugarcane and Sugar’; Girdhari Lal’s ‘Recovery in Relation to Cane Development’; J. Koch’s ‘The Texture of Chocolate’; J.M. Saha et al.’s ‘Quality of Sugarcane Crushed by Indian Factories’; G.D. Agarwal’s ‘Sugarcane Cultivation in the U.P. – Suggestions for Improvement’; E.J. Clyne’s ‘Boiled Sugar’; Brahma Swarup’s ‘The Sugar Problem’; G. Ramchander’s ‘Means to Higher Efficiencies and Lower Costs in Alcohol Manufacture’; J.M. Matherene’s ‘Sugar Evaporator Control’; and Govindji Raoji’s ‘The Indian Sugar Industry’.

The section on ‘Sugar Abroad’ carried accounts of sugar production and industry in other countries such as Belgium, Cuba, Australia and South Africa as well as reports on International Sugar Agreement and the consumption, production, position and economy of world sugar. Two other regular sections of the journal were ‘Labour’ and ‘Notes’. The first covered issues such as bonus, conferences, court decisions, employment, housing, industrial relations and disputes, legislation, wages and holidays; the second section focused on sugarcane development, allotment and cess, production, prices and taxes of sugar, meetings and conferences on sugar and sugarcane, sugar imports, sugar factories and their problems, confectionery and gur industries, power alcohol and other sugar by-products, position abroad and miscellaneous other aspects affecting sugar.

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