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Title Sadhana
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Language Bengali


Started in 1333 B.S. (1926), Sadhana was a Bengali monthly journal devoted to religion and spirituality, its inspiration being Vaishnava philosophy and religious culture. The journal published essays, commentaries, devotional poems, hymns and sermons, speeches, religious fiction and plays, biographical narratives, and eulogies. Two sections – ‘Bibidha Prasanga’ (Various Matters) and ‘Grantha Parichay’ (Book Information) – featured occasionally. Sadhana also published news and reports about Vaishanva exhibitions, religious conferences, and the activities and proceedings of the annual meetings of Vaishnava societies and associations such as the Hari Sabha, Srihatta Gauriya Baishnab Sammilani or the Sri Sri Gauranga Samiti of Murshidabad.

While the main contributors to the journal seemed to have come from the rank of the devotees of the Vaishnava sector, broadly speaking, the followers of Gauriya Vaishnavism, a few noted contemporary religious and philosophical commentators also contributed to the journal. Some of the contributors were: Gopiballav Biswas, Jaykrishna Datta, Kanupriya Goswami, Gopinath Basak, Piyush Kiran Chakraborty, Radhagobinda Nath, Radharaman Goswami Vedantabhushan, Bidhubhushan Sastri, Khonoprobha Debi, Nagendra Kumar Ray, Tarapada Mitra, Nimaichand Goswami, Girish Chandra Sarkar, Subodh Chandra Aaykat, Nityananda Goswami, Prabhakar Chakraborty, Gobardhan Das, Radheshyam Brahmachari, Saradacharan Kar, and Sri Sudhakar.

Sadhana had the avowed objective of propagating and promoting the core ideas and tenets of Gauriya Vaishnavism. The key themes that featured in the journal were: ‘Gaurlila’ (The Spiritual Fantasies of Sri Gauranga), ‘Baishnab Darshan’ (Vaishnava Philosophy), ‘Premtattva’ (Theory of Love), ‘Achar’ (Rituals), ‘Sadhan Tattva’ (Theory of Salvation), ‘Shanti’ (Peace), ‘Tyag’ (Renunciation), ‘Prarthana’ (Prayer), ‘Boli’ (Sacrifice), ‘Swadharma’ (Self-religion), ‘Bhakter Bhagaban’ (The Devotee’s God), ‘Dikhsha’ (Indoctrination), and ‘Sanskar’ (Reforms). The spiritual life and activities of Sri Krishna, Sri Radha and Sri Gauranga were prominent. Some devotees whose life-stories became inspirational for the Vaishnava community were also featured. These key figures included Sri Jagannath-Madhav Das, Ray Ramananda, Tripur Das, Haridas Thakur, and Sri Narasi.

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