Publication Title Manasi/Manasi O Marmabani
Document Title Volume XVII, Issue 6, 1925
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Bijoychandra Bhattacharyya
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1925
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-i unknown Download PDF (338 KB)
Raj-Niti 521-523 Bisseswar Bhattacharja Download PDF (197 KB)
Nagbala 524-530 Monomohan Chattapadhaya Download PDF (439 KB)
Srabon-Sandhya 530-531 Probodhnarayan Bandopadhaya Download PDF (97 KB)
Rajgriha 531-536 Digbijoy Chodhury Download PDF (394 KB)
Ourangajiber Farman 536-538 Haricharan Basu Download PDF (196 KB)
Bedanta Darshan 539-541 Kokileswar Sastri Download PDF (172 KB)
Shishu 541-541 Ashutosh Mukhopadhaya Download PDF (47 KB)
Bidusir Bipod 542-551 Maya Debi Download PDF (573 KB)
Prayaschitto 551-557 Rajendralal Acharaja Download PDF (443 KB)
Jatra-Sahitya 558-564 Narayan Bharati Download PDF (376 KB)
Praja-Monib 564-568 Jogendranath Debsharma Download PDF (300 KB)
Vasa O Vasa-Biggyan 569-582 Basantakumar Chattapadhaya Download PDF (559 KB)
Chittoranjan-Smriti-Tarpan 583-611 unknown Download PDF (4.86 MB)
Masik-Sahitya Samalochona 611-616 unknown Download PDF (428 KB)
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