Publication Title Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal
Document Title Volume VI, Issue 69, 1837
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Asiatic Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1837
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
I.—An Examination of the Pali Buddhistical Annals, No. 2. By the Hon’ble George Turnour, Esq. Ceylon Civil Service 713-737 James Prinsep Download PDF (1.78 MB)
II.—Note on the Geography of Cochin China. the Right Rev. Jean Louis, Bishop of Isauropolis. Vic. Ape, igf Cochin China. Hon. Mem. As. Soc. 737-745 James Prinsep Download PDF (686 KB)
III.—On the Bihos, Gauri Gau or Gaurika Gau of the Indian forests. By B. H. Hodgson, Esq. Resident in Nepal 745-750 James Prinsep Download PDF (512 KB)
IV.—Extrncts translated from the Granthas or sacred books of the Dadupanthi Sect. By Lieutenant G. R. Siddons, 1st Light Cavalry, Second in command, 3rd Local Horse, Neermuch 750-766 James Prinsep Download PDF (980 KB)
VI.—Some account of the valley of Kashmir Chazni, and Kabul; in a letter from G. J. Vigne. Esq. dated Bunderpore, on the Wuler Luke Kashmir, Jude 16, 1837 766-777 James Prinsep Download PDF (905 KB)
VII.—Account of an Inscription found by Mr. H. S. Bouldbrson, in the neighbourhood of Bareilly. By James Prinssr, Sec., &c 777-786 James Prinsep Download PDF (767 KB)
VIII —Section of the strata jiassed through in an experimental boring at the town of Gogah, on the Gujerat peninsula, Gulph of Combuy. By Lieutenant George Fulljamfs 786-788 James Prinsep Download PDF (226 KB)
IX.—Note on the black and brown Floriken of Guzerat., By Lieutenant George Fulljames 789-789 James Prinsep Download PDF (84 KB)
X.—Further elucidation of the lot or Silasthambha inscriptions from various sources. By James Prinsep Sec. As. Soc 790-797 James Prinsep Download PDF (693 KB)
XI.—Proceedings of the Asiatic Society 797-803 James Prinsep Download PDF (646 KB)
XI.—Meteorological Register, kept at the Assay Officcee; Calcutta, for the Month of September, 1837 804-804 James Prinsep Download PDF (140 KB)
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