Publication Title Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal
Document Title Volume VII, Issue 74, 1838
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Asiatic Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1838
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
I.—Account of the Expedition of Chach (Chachu) Extructed from the Chach Numeh, and Extracts from the Tóhfat ul Khwán. By Ensign Postans 93-104 James Prinsep Download PDF (827 KB)
II.—Examination and Analysis of the Mackenzie Manuscripts Deposited in the Madras College Library. By the Reverend William Taylor 105-131 James Prinsep Download PDF (1.71 MB)
III.—Report on the Caoutchouc Tree of Assam Made at the Request of Captain Jenkins. Agent to the Governor Genreal. By William Griffith, Assistant Surgen on Deputation with the Bhotan Mission 132-142 James Prinsep Download PDF (929 KB)
IV.—Notices on the Different Systems of Buddhism, Extracted from the Tibetan Authorities. By Alexander Choma Korosi 142-147 James Prinsep Download PDF (413 KB)
V.—Enumeration of Historical and Grammatical Works to be Met with in Tibet. By the same 147-152 James Prinsep Download PDF (389 KB)
VI.—Section of a Hill Cuttak Supposed to be Likely to Contain Coal. By M. Kittoe, Esq. 152-155 James Prinsep Download PDF (397 KB)
VII.—Discovery of the Name of Antiochus the Two of the Edicts of Asoka, King of India. By James Prinsep, Sec. &c. 156-167 James Prinsep Download PDF (862 KB)
VIII.—Proceedings of the Asiatic Society 167-171 James Prinsep Download PDF (279 KB)
Meteorological Retister Kept at the Assay Office, Calcutta for the Month of February, 1838 172-172 James Prinsep Download PDF (116 KB)
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