Document Title Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1845
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Asiatic Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1845
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
A Thirteenth Memoir on the Law of Storms in the Indian and China Seas; Being the Charles Heddle’s Hurricane in the Southern Indian Ocean, 22d to 27th February, 1843. By Henry Piddington. with Two Plates 703 - 735 The Secretary Download PDF (1.79 MB)
Account of the Esafzai-Affghans Inhabiting Sama (the Plains, ) Swat, Bunher and the Chamla Valley, Being a Detail of Their Clans, Villages, Chiefs and Force, and the Tribute They Pay to the Sikhs. By Shekh Khash Alee, a Follower of the Fanatic Syud Ahmed. Prepared in 1837 under the Instructions of Major R. Leech, C. B. Late Political Agent, Candahar 736 - 746 The Secretary Download PDF (513 KB)
Report of a Trial for Rebellion, Held at Moulmein by the Commissioner of Tenasserim. Communicated by the Sudder Dewanny Adawlut. With a Plate 747 - 754 The Secretary Download PDF (448 KB)
Memorandum on the Iron Works of Beerbhoom. By Welby Jackson, Esq., C. S. Forwarded with Specimens for the Museum of Economic Geology 754 - 756 Welby Jackson Download PDF (182 KB)
Account of Certain Agate Splinters Found in the Clay Stratum Bordering the River Narbudda, with Specimens Accompanying. By Capt. J. Abbott, Late Assistant in Nimaur 756 - 758 J. Abbott Download PDF (182 KB)
Notes, Chiefly Geological, Across Southern India from Pondicherry, Lat. N. 11 56', to Beypoor, in Lat. N. 11 12', Through the Great Gap of Palphautcherry. By Captain Newbold, F.R.S., M.N.I., Assistant Commissioner, Kurnool. No. III., with a Plate 759 - 782 The Secretary Download PDF (1.43 MB)
Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, October, 1845 lxxxix - cx The Secretary Download PDF (1.44 MB)
Backmatter i - ii The Secretary Download PDF (52 KB)
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