Publication Title Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal
Document Title Volume XVI, Issue 1, 1920
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Asiatic Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1920
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
The Utility of Desiccants in Electrostatic Measurements 1-11 unknown Download PDF (510 KB)
Improvements in Measurements with Quadrant Electrometers 12-22 unknown Download PDF (608 KB)
A Loom Used by the Gaodar (Herdsmen) of Selstan 23-ii N. Annandale Download PDF (955 KB)
Further Notes on the Genus Camptoceras 27-33 N. Annandale Download PDF (450 KB)
The Tigarl—a Primitive Type of Boat Used in Eastern Bengal 34-38 B. Prashad Download PDF (306 KB)
The Word “Taghar” Explained 39-lxxx ‘Abdu’l Wali Download PDF (3.54 MB)
Opening Address in a Discussion on the Value of Bodily Measurements in Distinguishing Human Races 41-iv N. Annandale Download PDF (2.04 MB)
Hindu Astronomical Deities 57-iv G.R. Kaye Download PDF (2.31 MB)
Numismatic Supplement No. XXXIII 77-ii unknown Download PDF (1.65 MB)
Dacca Diaries 91-158 J.T. Rankin Download PDF (4.22 MB)
The Automatic Control of the Separation of a Liquid into Fractions limited by Specified Densities 159-164 Hobace Dunnicliff Download PDF (495 KB)
Numismatic Supplement No. XXXIV 165-250 unknown Download PDF (5.87 MB)
A Progress Report on the Work Done During the Year 1918 in Connection With the Bardic and Historical Survey of Rajputana 251-xxix L.P. Tessitori Download PDF (4.55 MB)
Further Notes on Gypsics in Persia 281-292 W. Ivanow Download PDF (614 KB)
Note on Persistent Oviducts and Abnormal Testes in a Male Rana Tigrina 293-296 D.R. Bhattacharya Download PDF (329 KB)
A Short Note on the Cretaccous Echinoid Cyrtoma, M’clelland 297-300 H.C. Das-Gupta Download PDF (288 KB)
The Colophons of Four Ancient Sanskrit Manuscripts 301-303 R.C. Majumdar Download PDF (219 KB)
The Later Mauryas and the Decline of their Power 304-312 Hemchandra Raychaudhuri Download PDF (573 KB)
The Gupta Empire in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries A.D. 313-326 Hemchandra Raychaudhuri Download PDF (879 KB)
Cinna Inscription of the Reign of Sri-Yajna Satakarni 327-i N.G. Majumdar Download PDF (568 KB)
Notes on Some Edicts of Asoka 331-337 Harit Deb Download PDF (490 KB)
Preparation of Urea-Antimonyl Tartrate, A New Compound 338-340 U.N. Brahmachari Download PDF (73 KB)
Preliminary observations on Cocoon-Formation by the Common Lahore Lecch, Limnatin (Pacilobdella).Granulosa (Sav) 341-i G. Matthai Download PDF (554 KB)
Records of Agaricaceae from Bengal 347-i S.R. Bose Download PDF (626 KB)
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