Journal & Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1920 (New Series)
Document Title Journal & Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1920 (New Series)
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Asiatic Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1920
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
The Utility of Desiccants in Electrostatic Measurements 1 - 11 unknown Download PDF (510 KB)
Improvements in Measurements with Quadrant Electrometers 12 - 22 unknown Download PDF (608 KB)
A Loom Used by the Gaodar (Herdsmen) of Selstan 23 - ii N. Annandale Download PDF (955 KB)
Further Notes on the Genus Camptoceras 27 - 33 N. Annandale & Baini Prashad Download PDF (450 KB)
The Tigarl—a Primitive Type of Boat Used in Eastern Bengal 34 - 38 B. Prashad Download PDF (306 KB)
The Word “Taghar” Explained 39 - lxxx ‘Abdu’l Wali Download PDF (3.54 MB)
Opening Address in a Discussion on the Value of Bodily Measurements in Distinguishing Human Races 41 - iv N. Annandale Download PDF (2.04 MB)
Hindu Astronomical Deities 57 - iv G.R. Kaye Download PDF (2.31 MB)
Numismatic Supplement No. XXXIII 77 - ii unknown Download PDF (1.65 MB)
Dacca Diaries 91 - 158 J.T. Rankin Download PDF (4.22 MB)
The Automatic Control of the Separation of a Liquid into Fractions limited by Specified Densities 159 - 164 Hobace Dunnicliff Download PDF (495 KB)
Numismatic Supplement No. XXXIV 165 - 250 unknown Download PDF (5.87 MB)
A Progress Report on the Work Done During the Year 1918 in Connection With the Bardic and Historical Survey of Rajputana 251 - xxix L.P. Tessitori Download PDF (4.55 MB)
Further Notes on Gypsics in Persia 281 - 292 W. Ivanow Download PDF (614 KB)
Note on Persistent Oviducts and Abnormal Testes in a Male Rana Tigrina 293 - 296 D.R. Bhattacharya & B.K. Das Download PDF (329 KB)
A Short Note on the Cretaccous Echinoid Cyrtoma, M’clelland 297 - 300 H.C. Das-Gupta Download PDF (288 KB)
The Colophons of Four Ancient Sanskrit Manuscripts 301 - 303 R.C. Majumdar Download PDF (219 KB)
The Later Mauryas and the Decline of their Power 304 - 312 Hemchandra Raychaudhuri Download PDF (573 KB)
The Gupta Empire in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries A.D. 313 - 326 Hemchandra Raychaudhuri Download PDF (879 KB)
Cinna Inscription of the Reign of Sri-Yajna Satakarni 327 - i N.G. Majumdar Download PDF (568 KB)
Notes on Some Edicts of Asoka 331 - 337 Harit Deb Download PDF (490 KB)
Preparation of Urea-Antimonyl Tartrate, A New Compound 338 - 340 U.N. Brahmachari Download PDF (73 KB)
Preliminary observations on Cocoon-Formation by the Common Lahore Lecch, Limnatin (Pacilobdella).Granulosa (Sav) 341 - i G. Matthai Download PDF (554 KB)
Records of Agaricaceae from Bengal 347 - i S.R. Bose Download PDF (626 KB)
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