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Title Prokriti
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Jogeshchandra Sarkhel


Started in 1331 B.S. (1924), Prokriti was an illustrated Bengali science journal. Edited by Satyacharan Laha, and published by Raghunath Seal from the Calcutta Oriental Press, it was an academic journal on science, technology and medicine, encompassing most of the contemporary mainstream subjects of science including physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, physiology, meteorology, geology, marine science, engineering and psychology. The journal published essays, proceedings of science conferences, biographies of great scientists, obituaries, stories of great scientific discoveries, book information, and lists of scientific terms. Two regular sections of the journal were ‘Bibidha’ (Various Matters) and ‘Chithipatra’ (Letters). While the first provided new scientific information and reports on contemporary events in the field, the latter included various queries of the readers expressed through their letters to the editor.

A number of scholars, researchers, teachers and doctors contributed to the journal. They included Atul Chandra Datta, Alok Sen, Umapati Bajpayee, M.O.T. Ayengar, Gyanendranarayan Ray, Charuchandra Bhattacharya, Jibantara Haldar, Narendranath Sengupta, Prafulla Chandra Ray, Prafulla Kumar Dasgupta, Binay Kumar Sarkar, Meghnad Saha, Rajeswar Dasgupta, Satyacharan Laha, Subodh Kumar Majumdar, Swarna Kumar Mitra and Hemendra Kumar Sen.

Biographical accounts of scientists and medical practitioners such as Prafulla Chandra Ray, Meghnad Saha, Rajeswar Dasgupta, Ronald Ross, Jaminibhushan Ray and Sidney Harmer were published. News and information about various scientific and non-scientific institutions such as the Bangiya Sahitya Sammelon, Basu Bigyan Mandir, Bharatiya Bigyan Mahasabha and Lakhsha Gobeshona Mandir featured prominently in the journal. Terminological lists of ayurvedic medicine, zoological science or minerals were included. The articles published in the journal, drawn from diverse subjects and themes, clearly indicated the developing state of scientific research and medical knowledge in Bengal as well as the sense of social responsibility among experts in these fields, to disseminate the same amongst people at large through the vernacular. Some of the subjects of these articles were: the discovery of oxygen; marine science; forest preservation and social welfare; the bionomics of birds; hailstones and snow; heredity; the composition of protons and atoms; radio-telegraph; plant breeding; astrology; the fishes of Bengal; and fermentation.

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