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Title Kayastha Patrika
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Bholanath Ghosh Varma


Kayastha Patrika was the mouthpiece of the Bangadeshiya Kayastha Sabha, a social organization for the Kayastha caste in Bengal. Started in 1309 B.S. (1902), it claimed to be the oldest social journal of India. Published monthly, the journal had a succession of editors. Two of its editors were Narendranath Basu and Purnendu Bhushan Dutta Ray. The journal was published from the Bangadeshiya Kayastha Sabha office at Calcutta. Kayastha Patrika published poems, stories, essays, commentaries, obituaries, and book reviews. The journal published detailed reports on the activities and annual meetings of the Bangadeshiya Kayastha Sabha. The Patrika had regular sections: ‘Samayik Prasanga’ (Contemporary Matters) and ‘Mahila Mahal’ (Women’s Section), the latter focusing on themes of women’s emancipation and empowerment.

The journal covered themes of history, literature, society, economy, religion, and philosophy. The national movement was an important subject of discussion. Contributors included Purnendu Bhushan Dutta Ray, Kumudranjan Ray, Sunila Ray, Jatindranath Datta, Purnachandra Bhattacharya, Sajani Kanta Das, Manmathamohan Basu, Sudhir Kumar Mitra, Hemchandra Ghose, Prabhat Basu, Radharaman Chaudhuri, Gopal Chandra Neogi, and Subhendu Basu. Published articles included ‘Swadhinata’ (Independence), ‘Banglar Bastra Shilper Ek Pristha’ (A Leaf from the Textile Industry of Bengal), ‘Jogdarshaner Pratham Arhto’ (The Primary Implications of Yoga Philosophy), ‘Purbabanger Kayastha’ (The Kayasthas of East Bengal), ‘Agnisishu Khudiram o Banglar Biplabbader Ek Pristha’ (The Firebrand Khudiram and A Page from Bengal’s Revolutionary Movement), ‘Chaul Utpadone Paschim Bangla’ (West Bengal in Rice Production), ‘Jantra Juger Abhishap’ (Curse of the Machine Age), and ‘Sanbadpatra o Gallop Poll’ (Newspapers and Gallop Poll).

The journal published special issues to commemorate occasions such as the death of Mahatma Gandhi. The commemorative issue on Gandhi carried comments, messages and obituaries by contemporary personalities. Other published articles in the volume focused on Gandhi’s life, ideals, philosophy, and the political movements that he had led.

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