Publication Title Parichay
Document Title Volume XIII, Issue 1, 1943
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Suresh Chakraborty
Publication Date 1943
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Deho-Sristhi 1-8 Herandranath Datta Download PDF (266 KB)
Dusangbad 9-9 Rabindanath Sarkar Download PDF (27 KB)
Master 10-25 Fajlul Haque Download PDF (641 KB)
Engraj-Agmane Bhartiy Samaj 26-35 Bimlendu Ghosh Download PDF (432 KB)
Lakshmichara 36-42 Saylendranath Ghosh Download PDF (256 KB)
Prithibi 43-44 Bimalchandra Ghosh Download PDF (35 KB)
Bharotiy Samaj-Padathir Utpatti O Bibartaner Itihas 45-56 Bhupendranath Datta Download PDF (530 KB)
Prashangik 57-70 unknown Download PDF (539 KB)
Pathak-Gosthi 71-72 Basudha Chakraborty Download PDF (108 KB)
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