Publication Title Porikatha
Document Title Volume I, Issue 10, 1937
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Manorajan Chakraborty
Publisher Region Kolkata
Publication Date 1937
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-ii Nilmoni Chattopadhyay Download PDF (1.48 MB)
Ruper Parichay 433-435 Sudhirkumar Chattopadhyay Download PDF (294 KB)
Rashtrapatider Ahar 435-435 Bhudeb Mukhopadhyay Download PDF (72 KB)
Chakrapanir Dal 436-439 Manornajan Chakraborty Download PDF (335 KB)
Dadu 440-443 Umapada Chattopadhyay Download PDF (344 KB)
Sur Bandha 444-450 Charu Bandyopadhyay Download PDF (524 KB)
Bado Chele 451-457 Gourgopal Bidyabinod Download PDF (517 KB)
Premik Sir Simore Hicks 457-460 Jitendra Bhowmik Download PDF (436 KB)
Madam Bovari 461-463 Nilmoni Chattopadhyay Download PDF (281 KB)
Budwud 464-471 Parimal Muhkopadhyay Download PDF (541 KB)
Misses Gaskinger Shramik Sangsar 472-473 Krishna Chattopadhayay Download PDF (163 KB)
Sanghai-er Katha 474-476 Atulgobinda Majumder Download PDF (541 KB)
Mahila Boithak 476-477 Lila Sen Download PDF (176 KB)
Sangbad Samson 478-480 Nilmoni Chattopadhyay Download PDF (1.59 MB)
Sahitya Sangbad 480-480 Nilmoni Chattopadhyay Download PDF (469 KB)
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