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Title Bengal Past & Present
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Calcutta Historical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta

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Bengal Past & Present was the journal of the Calcutta Historical Society. First published in 1907, the year when the Society itself was founded, the journal was mainly devoted to modern Indian history. The journal’s first editor was W.K. Firminger. The journal published articles, records, notes and book reviews.


The journal reproduced rare documents and records; for example, ‘The Letters of Mr. Richard Barwell’, ‘Some Records Illustrative of the Mayor’s Court’ or ‘Selections from the Records of the Government of India’. Indian and foreign scholars and professors of history contributed to the journal. Published articles included Kali Kinkar Dutta’s ‘Situation of the Dutch in Bengal, 1740–1765 A.D.’; S.C. Sarkar’s ‘A Note on Puran Gir Gosain’; K.K. Bose’s ‘The Early History of the Zemindars of Bhagalpore’; Evan Cotton’s ‘The Nawabs and Kings of Oudh’; Brajendranath Banerji’s ‘The Last Days of Nawab Mir Qasim’; William Foster’s ‘Some Foreign European Artists in India’; and A. Aspinall’s ‘English Relations with Burma in the Time of Cornwallis and Shore (1786–1798)’.


The journal published the Church of England Registers containing records of births, baptisms, marriages and burials with the approval of the Government of Bengal. Bengal Past & Present also published the proceedings of the annual meetings of the Calcutta Historical Society, the annual reports of the Society, the Society’s annual statement of accounts and lists of the Society’s members. The journal had a repertoire of illustrations; for example, ‘View of the Roman Catholic Church, Chittagong’, ‘Armenian Church, Chinsura’, ‘Ruins of the So-called Portuguese Fort, Hughli’, ‘The Portrait of Lord Minto at Belvedere’, ‘Old Fort William and Governor’s House, 1754’, ‘The Nawabs and Kings of Oudh, 1760–1842’, and ‘Ghats at Benares’.

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