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Title Bijoya
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Rameshchandra Chowdhury


Founded in 1319 B.S. (1912), Bijoya was a Bengali literary monthly. The journal was edited by Manoranjan Guha Thakurta and published by Ramesh Chandra Chaudhury at the Bijoya Press, Calcutta. The journal was focused on literature, history, archaeology, religion and society. Bijoya published poems, plays, short stories and novels as well as essays, commentaries, speeches and obituaries.


Published articles included Anandachandra Das’ ‘Anno Somosya’ (Food Scarcity); Bipin Chandra Pal’s ‘Dakhkhin Afrikay Bharatbashi’ (Indians in South Africa); Mohinimohun Das’ ‘Chattagrame Jahaj Nirman’ (Ship Building in Chittagong); Bhupendra Kumar Das’ ‘Tarbihin Telegraph’ (Wireless Telegraph); Nagendra Kumar Guharoy’s ‘Noakhalir Bhasha Boichitra’ (The Linguistic Diversity of Noakhali); Shital Chandra Chakraborty’s ‘Bharatiya Sahityer Utpatti’ (The Origins of Indian Literature); Surendra Kumar Chakraborty’s ‘Bigyan-Sikhsha o Biswavidyalay’ (Science Education and Universities); and Sarojbasini Gupta’s ‘Hindu Narir Somman o Swadhinota’ (Honor and Freedom of Hindu Women).


Bijoya focused on the life-stories and teachings of religious figures and saints, such as Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansadeb, Bijaykrishna Goswami, Ramdas Kathiya Baba, Mahatma Arjun Das, Narasinha Das Pahari Baba, Mahatma Bhutananda Swami, Swami Bholananda Giri, and Mahatma Baba Thakur Das. The journal featured the followers of Guru Nanak, Kabir and other Bhakti saints as well as the religious pilgrimages of the Jain community.


The journal presented features on the lives of hill people of India and Burma. Bijoya carried illustrations by artists such as Bhabani Charan Laha, A.K. Nag, Hemchandra Majumdar, and Girijanandan Chaudhury.

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