First publication page
Title Masik Mohammadi
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Md Khairul Aman Khan
Publisher Region Calcutta


Masik Mohammadi was a monthly journal for Bengali Muslims. Started in 1334 B.S. (1927), the journal was printed and published from the Mohammadi Press, Calcutta. The journal published poems, songs, short stories, novellas and plays along with essays, reminiscences, reviews and illustrations. The journal addressed diverse subjects including religion, philosophy, history, women, literature, science, public health, medicine, and contemporary affairs.


Published articles included Kaji Naoroj Khoda’s ‘Aurangzeb er Hindubiddesh’ (Aurangzeb’s Hindu Bigotry); Musafir’s ‘Afghan Kobider Kotha’ (On Afghan Poets); Kaji Abdul Halim’s ‘Islam o Bigyan’ (Islam and Science); Moulana Muhammad Akram Khan’s ‘Echhlame Narir Marjada o Adhikar’ (Status and Rights of Women in Islam); Moahed Bakht Chaudhury’s ‘Ghazal Gaan’ (Ghazals); and Shehabuddin Ahmed’s and S. Wazed Ali’s ‘Dharma o Somaj’ (Religion and Society). The journal published biographical articles on Abu-l Atahiya, the Arab poet; Al Kindi, the Muslim philosopher; Omar Khayyam, the great Persian philosopher and poet; Geoffrey Chaucer, the English poet; Saadi Shirazi, the Persian poet; Syed Ameer Ali, Indian Muslim intellectual; and many others.


The section ‘Sankalan’ carried national and international news and perspectives with a special focus on Islamic countries. The section ‘Chitre Samayiki’ included photographs of eminent personalities from contemporary life.

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