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Title Gourprabha
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Started in 1330 B.S. (1923), Gourprabha was a quarterly Bengali journal devoted mainly to spreading the philosophy of the Gouriya Brahmins of Bengal. Primarily a literary journal, Gourprabha also focused on history, religion and philosophy. The journal extolled the qualities of Gouriya Brahmanism and provided detailed proceedings of various organizations of the Gouriya Brahmans. Gourprabha published novels, short stories and poems as well as essays, translations, speeches and obituaries. Although the journal was published in Bengali, a few articles in English appeared in some issues.


Authors and essayists seemed mostly to have belonged to the Brahmin communities that the journal represented. The journal published literary critiques; for example, commentaries on Kalidasa’s ‘Raghuvangsham’ or Baru Chandidas’ ‘Sri Krishna Kirtan’. Articles published in the journal focused on the history of Gouriya or Gaudadya Vaidic Brahmans. Authors Kalipada Bhattacharya, Nanilal Chakraborty, Jatindranath Chakraborty, Baradaprasad Chakraborty and Manmathanath Chakraborty wrote about the origins, evolution, key characteristics, activities and legacies of the Gaudadya Brahmans of Bengal.


The journal carried regular reports on the major organizations of the Gaudadya Brahmans, such as the Akhil Bharatbarshiya Gour-Brahman Mahasabha, Akhil Bangiya Gaudadya-Vaidic Brahman Samaj, Gour Anusandhan Samiti (Gour Research Society), Akhil Bharatbarshiya Gour Brahman Mahasabha of Mathura or Sri Adi Gour Brahman Prantiya Sabha of Rajputana. The journal also published the proceedings of meetings and conferences of these associations held annually or periodically. The journal reproduced documents such as ‘Gour Vaidic Sanads’ conferred upon great Gour Vaidic Brahmans by local princes and important landholders or the memorandum of the Akhil Bangiya Gaudadya-Vaidic Brahman Samaj.

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