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Title The Review of Religions
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Qadian, District Gurdaspur
Publisher Region Punjab


Started in 1902, The Review of Religions is one of the longest surviving international journals dealing with religion and related themes. It was a monthly journal that claimed to represent ‘sane Muslim religious thought’ and to give ‘an impartial review of the prominent religions of the world’ in order to remove misconceptions about Islam. The journal was devoted to what it described as ‘the diffusion and dissemination of the beauties and excellences of Islamic teaching and torch-bearer of the light of Islam in the West’. The journal was the global mouthpiece of the Ahmadiyya Movement founded by Hazrat Ahmed. The Review of Religions was run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, inspired by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to promote interfaith amity globally. Ghulam Farid Malik was one of its most well-known editors in the first half of the twentieth century. Distributed globally, it was published for a long time by Sheikh Rahman Qadiani for Sadar-Anjuman-i-Ahmadiya from Qadian, Punjab. The journal published mainly essays, notes and comments with the objective to present the teachings of Islam, reflecting its rational, harmonious and inspiring nature. The journal also brought together writings and opinions on different religions and sought to make comparative discussion on religions and religious philosophies for the benefit of a wide readership.


The articles and notes published in the journal were mostly devoted to promoting intellectual and lively debate based on respect for all prophets and religions. The journal also regularly published notes on sections of the Quran. The articles encompassed various dimensions of religious studies and philosophical trends, while the notes mostly concentrated on comparative discussions of world religions with Islam as a central point of reference. Some of the important themes were: the progress of Islam in England; the origin and development of the dogma of the Trinity; the Prophet’s matrimonial connections; the Prophet’s embassies to non-Muslim Princes; companionate divorce; Islam and property and the way to peace among religions. Published pieces included Zafar Ullah Khan’s ‘Islam and the League of Nations’; A.M. Rihbani’s ‘Zionism: A New Eastern Problem’; Hazrat Khalifatul Masih’s ‘Factors which Contribute to the Success of a New Religion and their Application to the Ahmadiyya Movement’; Nazir Ahmad Bajwa’s ‘Some Salient Features of the Islamic Constitution’; Mufti Muhammad Sadiq’s ‘Islam’s Attitude towards Christianity’; Mohd. Aslam’s ‘Does Civilization Need Religion?’; and Muhammad Aslam’s ‘The Value and Aims of Islamic Studies’.


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