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Title Purbachal
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Anil Krishna Sarkar


Purbachal, a Bengali monthly, was founded by the poet Jatindramohun Bagchi in 1341 B.S. (1934). The journal’s editorial team (Sahayak Sansad) included Kalidas Ray, Jatindranath Sengupta, Sabitriprasanna Chattopadhyay and Radharani Debi. The journal aimed to serve the cause of the nation and the society through its writings and bring about reform in Bengali life. Purbachal published poems, songs, novels, short stories and plays as well as essays, travelogues, correspondences, and obituaries. Special segments included ‘Byabosa Banijyer Nana Dik’ (Dimensions of Trade and Commerce); ‘Meyeder Kotha’ (Women’s Matters); and ‘Mancha-Deep’ (Films and Theatre).


Prominent writers contributed to the journal. Contributors included Priyambada Debi, Abanindranath Tagore, Dinendranath Tagore, Najrul Islam, Achintya Kumar Sengupta, Soumendranath Tagore, Humayun Kabir, Bani Debi, Kalidas Ray, Jatindraprasad Bhattacharya, Keshab Chandra Gupta, Hemendralal Ray, Girija Kumar Basu, and Kalpana Das. Published articles included Sudhendusekhar Guha’s ‘Moymansingha Gitika o Baishnab Sahitya’ (Mymensingh Gitika and Vaishnavite Literature); Bhairab Chandra Chaudhuri’s ‘Deshbyapi Bhishan Dakati’ (Rising Dacoities in the Country); ‘Bangalar Lon Kompany’ (Loan Companies of Bengal); Brajendra Narayan Acharya Chaudhury’s ‘Shikar Kahini’ (Hunting Stories); and Chittapriya Mukherjee’s ‘Chalachitra Byabosaye Bangali’ (Bengalis in the Film Business).


The journal offered comments on other Bengali journals such as Mashik Basumati, Bharatbarsha, Prabasi and Shonibarer Chithi.

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