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Title The Maha-Bodhi/The Maha-Bodhi United Buddhist World
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name The Maha Bodhi Society
Publisher Region Calcutta


Founded in 1893 by Anagarika H. Dharmapala, The Maha-Bodhi and the United World was the monthly journal of the Maha Bodhi Society of India. The publication was a religious journal devoted to the propagation of Buddhist religion and philosophy. The journal published essays, commentaries, reports, correspondences, notices, book reviews, financial statements, and news.


Each issue of the journal began with a message from the Mahavagga of Vinaya Pitaka, the Buddhist scripture. The articles dealt mostly with the teachings and legacies of Buddhism as well as with various aspects of religion and philosophy along with occasional social matters. The discussions of Buddhism included ‘The Different Schools of Buddhism in India’, ‘What is the Object of Becoming a Bhikkhu?’, ‘Buddhist Sculpture’, ‘The Expansion of Buddhism’ and ‘Ethic, Philosophy and Psychology of the Dhamma’, J.E. Ellam’s ‘A Buddhist Mission to Tibet’, and Helmuth von Glasenapp’s ‘Buddhistic Researches in Soviet Russia’. Alice Leighton Cleather’s ‘The Boshi-Dharma or Wisdom Religion’ was a serial publication.


The journal focused on Buddhist antiquities, and provided descriptions of sacred Buddhist shrines across India, which included Lumbini near Kapilavastu, Buddhagaya, Isaipatana in Benares, Sravasti, the 18 viharas, the Gijjakuta, Vebhara, Isigili Hills in Rajagriha, the Nalanda Vihara, the Valukarama in Vesali, Kusinara, the Vihara in Pataliputra, Sankassa, Saketa in Kosala, the Ghositarama in Kosambi, the Gaggara Vihara in Champa, Ayujjha, Gayasirsa in Gaya and Nigroda Vihara in Kapilavastu.


The journal published the monthly reports and financial statements of receipts and expenses of various funds, viharas and charitable institutions such as the Wesakh Celebration Fund, Foster Robinson Memorial Free Hospital, the Foster Missionary Fund and the Sri Dharmarajika Cetiya Vihara. The journal reproduced excerpts from other contemporary publications such as the Bombay Chronicle or the Calcutta Weekly on Lord Buddha’s anniversary or special occasions celebrating the Buddha’s life.

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