Publication Title Bharatiya Vidya
Document Title Volume XI, Issue 3, 1950
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Publisher Region Bombay
Publication Date 1950
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i-i Jayantakrishna Dave Download PDF (219 KB)
Frontmatter i-i Jayantakrishna Dave Download PDF (38 KB)
A Dark Period in the Yādava History 153-165 H.V. Trivedi Download PDF (730 KB)
On the Philosophy of Yājñavalkya 166-177 Karel Warner Download PDF (674 KB)
A Note on Smārta Raghunandana’s Works and Time 178-182 R.C. Hazra Download PDF (307 KB)
The Name of Dacca 183-186 Dinesh Sircar Download PDF (191 KB)
Kaśhmir Śaiva Tendencies of Mahima Bhatta 187-194 K.C. Pandey Download PDF (428 KB)
The Economic Policy and Price Control of Alauddin Khalji 195-215 P. Saran Download PDF (1.25 MB)
Kātyāyana, A Mīmāmsaka 216-220 D.V. Garge Download PDF (251 KB)
The Pañcatantra and the Smrtis 221-309 Ludwik Sternbach Download PDF (3.97 MB)
Sanskrit Education 310-318 S. Varadachari Download PDF (543 KB)
Reviews 319-321 Jayantakrishna Dave Download PDF (153 KB)
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 322-341 Jayantakrishna Dave Download PDF (863 KB)
Backmatter i-ii Jayantakrishna Dave Download PDF (376 KB)
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