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Title Udbodhan
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Language Bengali


First published in 1305 B.S. (1899), Udbodhan was a monthly Bengali journal mainly devoted to religion and philosophy. Started by Swami Vivekananda as the mouthpiece of the Ramkrishna Math and Mission, the journal was published from the Udbodhan Karjalay, Calcutta, and continues publication. The journal also focused on literature, history and economy. Udbodhan published poems, essays, commentaries, notes, correspondences, obituaries, news, and reviews.


Contributors included Swami Vivekananda and other monks and functionaries of the Ramkrishna Mission, along with more mainstream writers. Articles on religion and philosophy included Shambhunath Ray’s ‘Europio Darshaner Churanto Siddhanta’ (The Ultimate Conclusions of European Philosophy); Haranchandra Sastri’s ‘Upashona’ (Worship); Gadadhar Singha Roy’s ‘Gitar Upojogita’ (Utility of the Gita); Surendranath Sen’s ‘Tantrer Prachinatta’ (The Antiquity of Tantra); Swami Sraddhananda’s ‘Swapne Sikhsha’ (Education through Dreams); and Swami Vivekananda’s ‘Srimadbhagabatgita o Sri Krishna’ (Srimadbhagabatgita and Sri Krishna).


Articles on other themes included Subarna Kamal Ray’s ‘Achena Dhatur Parichay’ (Introduction to Unknown Metals); Priyaranjan Sen’s ‘Unbingsha Shatabdir Sesh Bhage Bangla Sahitya’ (Bengali Literature in the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century); Kumudbandhu Sen’s ‘Krishak o Sramik’ (Peasant and Worker); Manindrabhushan Gupta’s ‘Paschatya Shilper Dhara’ (Trends of Western Art); Prafulla Chandra Ray’s ‘Pratichyer Gobeshona Prerona’ (Inspiration of Research in the West); Shanta Debi’s ‘Bharat Nari’ (Indian Women); Sri Bharadwaj’s ‘Maddhyabitter Bekar Somosya’ (Unemployment Problem among the Middle Classes); and Dinesh Chandra Sircar’s ‘Samudra Gupter Nalanda Tamrasashan’ (The Nalanda Copper Plate of Samudra Gupta).


The journal also published brief histories of various institutions formed at the initiative of the Sri Ramakrishna Math and Mission such as the Kashi Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Asram, Belur Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandir and Ramakrishna Mission Jakkha Nibas (Tuberculosis Centre).

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