First publication page
Title Arthik Unnati
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Oriental Press, Raghunath Shil
Publisher Region Calcutta


Started in 1333 B.S. (1926), Arthik Unnati was a monthly Bengali journal devoted to economic affairs. Published from the Calcutta Oriental Press, the journal published articles, reports, speeches, interviews, statements of accounts, and book reviews. The journal had regular sections – ‘Banglar Sampad’ (Bengal’s Wealth), ‘Arthik Bharat’ (Economic India), ‘Duniyar Dhandaulat’ (The World’s Resources), ‘Byakti o Sangha’ (Individual and Organization) carrying reports and notes on business organizations, companies, charitable institutions, demographic trends, education, hygiene and public health, ‘Molakat’ (Interview) carrying interviews of eminent Bengalis such as Nagendranath Adhikari, Brajendranath Shil, Bhupatinath Roy, Binay Kumar Sarkar, and Narendranath Laha, ‘Patrika Jagat’ (World of Periodicals) carrying brief overviews of other relevant journals (e.g. Bankers’ Magazine, Banker, Monthly Labour Review, International Labour Review, The Indian Textile Journal, and Times: Trade and Engineering Supplement), ‘Somalochona’ (Criticism), and ‘Granthapanji’ (Bibliography).


The articles published in the journal focused on the sectors of agriculture, industry, trade and commerce, labor, banking, insurance, and demography. The journal concentrated on revenue and fiscal policies, agricultural loans, market prices, population trends, unemployment, working-class movements, currency and monetary policy, politics, and public health. Published articles included Manmathanath Sarkar’s ‘Mahishure Shiloponnati’ (Industrial Development in Mysore); Nagendranath Chaudhury’s ‘Markin Krishir Gorapattan’ (The Beginnings of American Agriculture); Khetramohan Purakayastha’s ‘Pat Chashir Bikri-Byabostha’ (Sales Mechanisms for Jute Cultivators); Sudhakanta De’s ‘Majuri Tattva – David Ricardo’ (Wage Theory – David Ricardo); Kamakhyacharan Basu’s ‘1928 Shone Markin Juktarashtrer Byabosa Banijya’ (USA’s Trade and Industry in the Year 1928); and Prabhat Kumar Banerjee’s ‘Bangalider Byabosar Sujog’ (Business Opportunities for Bengalis).

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