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Title The Orissa Historical Research Journal
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name P. Acharya, supetuiteudent of Research and Museum Bhrnbaneswar
Publisher Region Orissa

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Volume II


The Orissa Historical Research Journal was first published in April 1952. Published quarterly in April, July, September and January, the journal was intended to inspire research interest among young scholars in the state of Orissa. Published by P. Acharya, Superintendent of Research and Museum, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, the journal brought out the most recent progresses in historical research in Orissa and eastern India. The journal published research articles on history and archaeology, with a focus on archaeology, epigraphy and numismatics. The journal had a focus on regional history, and more specifically the history of Orissa, as reconstructed from archaeological remains and literary sources. The journal documented primary sources and put an emphasis on their reading. These included Smritisastras, royal sanads, copper plates, inscriptions, coins, literary pieces, images, and so on.

Published articles included Kedarnath Mahapatra’s ‘Some Forgotten Smrti-writers of Orissa’; Sri Amarchand’s ‘Kalinga under the Nandas’; P. Acharya’s ‘Two Copper Plate Grants from the Village Themra in the Sambalpur District’ and ‘The Antiquity of Words Odisa and Odia’; D.C. Sircar’s ‘The Matharas of Kalinga’ and ‘Some Minor Dynasties of Orissa’; G.S. Das’s ‘The Historical and Literary Value of Samarataranga’; Sri Satyanarayan Rajaguru’s ‘Oriya Inscription on a Stone Image’; S.C. De’s ‘Find of a Hoard of Copper Coins of the Jaunpur Sultans in Orissa’; and Pandit Binayak Mishra’s ‘Maninaga Worship in Orissa’. The research articles pointed to the high standards of archeological survey and historical research in Orissa in the post-Independence era. The journal also published reports on exploratory tours such as Kittoe’s exploration of Orissa in 1836–1838.

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