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Title Basudhara
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Mrityunjoy Chattopadhyay
Publisher Region Calcutta


Started in 1335 B.S. (1928), Basudhara was a Bengali literary monthly, which also included articles on religion, history, science and popular culture. The journal published poems, songs, short stories, novels, essays, commentaries and book reviews.


Contributors included well-known authors such as Mohitlal Majumdar, Prabhabati Debi Saraswati, Kumudranjan Mallick, Bhujangadhar Roychoudhury and Maitrayee Debi.


Published articles included Krishnabihari Gupta’s ‘Dharma o Dharmatantra’ (Religion and Religious Systems); Kumudbandhu Sen’s ‘Mahapurush Prasanga’ (On Great Men); Haripada Sastri’s ‘Bharate Prachin Lok-Byabohar’ (Ancient Popular Customs in India); Kalidas Roy’s ‘Kabyasahityer Kromobikash’ (Evolution of Poetic Literature); Anathnath Basu’s ‘Rakhibandhan’; Satish Ray’s ‘Rabindra Prasanga’ (About Rabindranath); and Biswapati Chaudhury’s ‘Bharatiya o Paschatya Chitrakola’ (Indian and Western Art).


The section ‘Baigyanik Prasanga’ (Scientific Matters) offered notes on topics of science. Other sections reported contemporary affairs and international news, and carried comments on select articles published in other Bengali journals; for example, Bichitra, Biswabani, Sanibarer Chithi, Uro Khoi and Banglar Bani.

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