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Title Ayurbijnan Sammilani
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Indubhushan Sen
Publisher Region Calcutta


Ayurbijnan Sammilani was a Bengali medical journal founded by Kaviraj Bimalananda Tarkatirtha in 1338 B.S. (1931). This monthly journal was devoted to public health and Indian medicine. The journal’s first editor was Kaviraj Satyacharan Sen Kabiranjan. In the second year the journal was edited by Kaviraj Indu Bhushan Sen Ayurvedashastri. Ayurbijnan Sammilani published articles by kavirajs (practitioners of ayurvedic medicine), doctors and scientists for its readers, which included both medical practitioners and a general readership. Apart from articles, the journal published reports, notes, news and obituaries. Although Ayurveda was the journal’s focus, allopathy and homeopathy were also important. Specialist doctors wrote about specific diseases and their prevention and cures. The journal dealt with ancient vernacular medical texts, the Ayurvedic medical system, nutrition theories and provided traditional health tips.


Practitioners of both Indian and western medicine contributed to the journal. Published articles included Ambikacharan Sen’s ‘Ayurbed – Bartaman’ (Ayurveda – The Present); Haripada Ray’s ‘Jakhkha Rogi Khabe Ki?’ (What Should a Tuberculosis Patient Eat?); Kaviraj Dinesh Chandra Sen Sharma’s ‘Ayurbede Rog Nirnay’ (Diagnosis of Diseases in Ayurveda); Kaviraj Bipin Chandra Kavyatirtha’s ‘Malaria Bonam Barshajar’ (Malaria versus Monsoon Fever); Debaprasad Sarvadhikary’s ‘Bhagnaswasthya Punaruddhar’ (Recovery of Broken Health); Nalini Ranjan Sengupta’s ‘Sishumrityu o Hindu Samajik Pratha’ (Child Death and Hindu Social Customs); Pandit Pramathanath Tarkabhushan’s ‘Ayurbed Sikhsha Samasya’ (The Problems of Ayurved Education); and J.P. De’s ‘Raktachap’ (Blood Pressure).


The journal carried reports on contemporary developments in public health and medicine. Ayurbijnan Sammilani also reported the proceedings of the Nikhil Bangiya Ayurbed Mahasammelan (All Bengal Ayurveda Conference). The journal contained advertisements for Indian medicine and books on medicine.

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