Publication Title Seventh Congress, Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine, Souvenir, The Indian Empire
Document Type Report
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker’s Directories
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1927
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmater i-iv unknown Download PDF (71 KB)
Introduction v-viii S. R. Christophers Download PDF (753 KB)
I. Physical Features, Population, Political Divisions, Administration, Railways, Commerce, Products and Industries with a Brief Note on Scenery and Places of Special Historical or Archeological Interest 1-18 unknown Download PDF (888 KB)
II. A Brief Resume of Indian History 19-34 unknown Download PDF (840 KB)
III. The History of Medicine in India 35-44 unknown Download PDF (436 KB)
IV. Indigenous Systems of Medicine in India 45-54 A. Hooton Download PDF (430 KB)
V. Medical and Sanitary Problems of India 55-80 J. D. Graham Download PDF (1.30 MB)
VI. Medical and Research Organisation 81-108 J. D. Graham Download PDF (1.31 MB)
VII. Medical Research in India 109-128 F. P. Mackie Download PDF (880 KB)
VIII. The Present Position of Veterinary Research in India 129-140 J. T. Edwards Download PDF (483 KB)
IX. Agriculture in India 141-156 D. Clouston Download PDF (669 KB)
X. Irrigation in India 157-168 unknown Download PDF (468 KB)
XI. Archeology 169-178 unknown Download PDF (1.73 MB)
XII. Racial Ethnology 179-188 R. B. S. Sewell Download PDF (871 KB)
XIII. Zoology of India 189-200 B. Prashad Download PDF (493 KB)
XIV. Indian Botany 201-206 J. M. Cowan Download PDF (536 KB)
XV. A Sketch of the Geology of India 207-218 E. H. Pascoe Download PDF (604 KB)
XVI. The Weather of India 219-230 C. W. B. Normand Download PDF (729 KB)
XVII. Indian Art 231-236 W. E. G. Solomon Download PDF (207 KB)
XVIII. Medical Research and Educational Institutions in India 237-342 unknown Download PDF (8.70 MB)
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