Document Title India - Forty years of Progress and Reform, Being a sketch of the Life and Times of Behramji M. Malabari
Document Type Book
Language English
Publisher Name Oxford University Press
Publication Date 1896
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Preface i - viii R.P. Karkaria Download PDF (118 KB)
Chapter I. Introduction – The Idea of Self-sacrifice in the East and in the West—England’s Work in India—The System of Education, Western as opposed to Oriental 1 - 19 unknown Download PDF (699 KB)
Chapter II. Early life: his Mother’s Influence—Her Death and its effects—Struggles and Vicissitudes—School Days—The Rev. Mr. Dixon—Literary Training 20 - 40 unknown Download PDF (762 KB)
Chapter III. Early literary efforts—Vernacular Literature—The Rev. Dr. Wilson—The Parsis, their position and influence—Special efforts at their conversion to Christianity—Niti-Vinod. Hindu Gujarati and Parsi Gujarati 41 - 59 unknown Download PDF (697 KB)
Chapter IV. Marriage—Female Education among Parsis and other classes—Indian ilfuse in English Garb—Wilson’s influence—A real missionary—Influence of Christianity on modern Indian thought—Zoroastrianism Wilson Virah 60 - 82 unknown Download PDF (836 KB)
Chapter V. Journalism in India—The Indian Spectator—New Political Activity, unrest and dissatisfaction Criticism of Government 83 - 102 unknown Download PDF (750 KB)
Chapter VI. Book on Gujarat, a true Picture of life in Town and Village—Translations of Max Muller’s Hibbert Lectures dealing with the Religions of India 103 - 113 unknown Download PDF (400 KB)
Chapter VII. Social Reform, Malabari’s life-work—The Position of Indian Women—The Marriage Question—The Age of Consent Act 114 - 130 unknown Download PDF (618 KB)
Chapter VIII. Visit to England The Indian Eye on English Life—The Indian Problem—Latest Gujarati poem’Conclusion 131 - 142 unknown Download PDF (392 KB)
Supplement 143 - 148 unknown Download PDF (196 KB)
Index 149 - 152 unknown Download PDF (118 KB)
Carlyle’s Unpublished Lectures on European Literature and Culture i - ii R.P. Karkaria Download PDF (91 KB)
Mr. Malabari’s Literary Works 1 - 14 unknown Download PDF (657 KB)
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