Publication Title Transactions of the Bose Research Institute, Calcutta, 1939-1941
Document Title Transactions of the Bose Research Institute, Calcutta, 1939-1941
Document Type Report
Language English
Publisher Name The Bose Research Institute, 93 Upper Circular Road
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1941
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i - i D.M. Bose Download PDF (28 KB)
Frontmatter i - iv D.M. Bose Download PDF (79 KB)
I. A Cytological Study of the Microsporogenesis in Jute 1 - iii P.J. Gregory Download PDF (1.39 MB)
II. The Theory of Conduction in the Solar Atmosphere 17 - 30 Bibha Majumder Download PDF (513 KB)
III. On the Osteology of the Maler 31 - xviii S.S. Sarkar Download PDF (2.55 MB)
IV. Radioactive 11Na22 From Fluorine Bombarded by Polonium a-Particles 57 - 72 N.K. Saha Download PDF (730 KB)
V. Effect of High Concentration Auxin on the Growth and Root Formation in Impatiens 73 - iii B. Dutta & A. Guha Thakurata Download PDF (1.62 MB)
VI. Studies in the Physiology of Some Indian Fruits 91 - 110 B.K. Kar & H.K. Banerjea Download PDF (1.10 MB)
VII. Studies on the Growth and Development of Jute (Corchorus Capsularis) With, Special Reference to (1) the Requirement of Boron During Its Life-Cycle and (2) the Relation of Boron to the Dieback Effect 111 - ii B.K. Palit Download PDF (795 KB)
VIII. The Dispersion of Supersonic Waves in Water 127 - 134 A.K. Dutta & B.B. Ghosh Download PDF (399 KB)
IX. Vegetative Propagation of Mango Plant From Gootes (Marcotte) and Cuttings by Treatment with High Concentration Auxin 135 - i A. Guha Thakurata & B.K. Dutta Download PDF (358 KB)
X. On the Variation of Carbohydrates and Their Translocation in the Jute Plant (Corchorus Capsularis, Linn.) 141 - 162 J.K. Choudhury Download PDF (809 KB)
XI. Investigations on the Mineral Content of Blood of Bengali Subject 163 - 170 A. Roy Download PDF (454 KB)
XII. Studies in the Physiology of Some Indian Fruits 171 - 182 Herendra Banerjea & Baikuntha Kar Download PDF (638 KB)
XIII. On the Elastic Scattering of Meson by a Coulomb Field. I 183 - 190 R.C. Majumder & S. Gupta Download PDF (311 KB)
XIV. Preliminary Observations on the Chromosome Morphology in Asiatic Cottons with Special Reference to Their Phylogeny and Inter Relationships 191 - 200 K.T. Jacob Download PDF (538 KB)
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