Document Title The Sahityadarpana of Visvanatha (Parichhedas I-X) with Notes on Parichhedas I, II, X and History of Alankara Literature
Document Type Book
Language Sanskrit
Publisher Name Pandurang Vaman Kane
Publisher Region Bombay
Publication Date 1923
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - v P.V. Kane Download PDF (96 KB)
Introduction. The History of Alankara Literature i - clxxx P.V. Kane Download PDF (8.12 MB)
Article i - lxiv P.V. Kane Download PDF (2.15 MB)
Parichchheda I 1 - 333 P.V. Kane Download PDF (15.55 MB)
Appendices 334 - cxlii P.V. Kane Download PDF (5.46 MB)
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