Publication Title Congress Souvenir. Ramgarh. 1940
Document Type Report
Language English
Publisher Name The Commercial Syndicate
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1940
Subject Government, Politics and Public Policy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-xxxi G.C. Sondhi Download PDF (3.40 MB)
A Bird’s Eye View of Bihar 1-5 Rajendra Prasad Download PDF (894 KB)
The Open Session of the Congress 6-7 G.C. Sondhi Download PDF (132 KB)
The Congress President 8-9 F. Uayyidzada Download PDF (278 KB)
The Adibasis of Chota Nagpur 10-iii J.C Hayward Download PDF (353 KB)
Adibasi Songs 12-ii G.C. Sondhi Download PDF (872 KB)
“1939” 17-iii Sadir Ali Download PDF (1.32 MB)
Congress and the war Crisis 25-29 J.B. Kripalani Download PDF (508 KB)
All India Spinners Association 30-33 Shankerlal Banker Download PDF (941 KB)
All India Village Industries Association 34-40 J.C. Kumarappa Download PDF (961 KB)
New Leaven Among Students Humayun Kabir 41-49 G.C. Sondhi Download PDF (1.14 MB)
Between the Golden and the Diamond Jubilees 50-52 B. Sitaramayya Download PDF (502 KB)
The Machine age Vs. Civilisation 53-57 Bharatan Kumarappa Download PDF (1.18 MB)
Mazharul Haque as I Knew Him 58-61 Sachchidananda Sinha Download PDF (863 KB)
Progress of Basic National Education 62-66 E.W. Aryanayakam Download PDF (1.07 MB)
Some Old Time Suggestions for New Time Congress works 67-81 Bhagawan Das Download PDF (2.44 MB)
The National Planning Committee 82-ii G.P. Hutheesingh Download PDF (801 KB)
Nibaran Chandra Das Gupta 85-87 Jimut Sen Download PDF (190 KB)
Birsa Bhagwan 88-90 G.C. Sondhi Download PDF (636 KB)
Bihar and the Problem of Indian Sugar Industry 91-93 K.V. Venkatram Download PDF (210 KB)
Backmatter i-xi G.C. Sondhi Download PDF (2.22 MB)
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