Publication Title Nirupama Barsha-Smriti, Saradiya 1333
Document Type Magazine
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sharma Banerjee and Co.
Publisher Region calcutta
Publication Date 1926
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i-i Jitendranath Bandopadhyay Download PDF (346 KB)
Frontmatter i-vi Jitendranath Bandopadhyay Download PDF (489 KB)
“Ashrahsya Pratham Dibase” 1-2 Kalidas Roy Download PDF (73 KB)
Mayer Maa 3-ii Jaladhar Sen Download PDF (882 KB)
Bhul 13-28 Prabhatkumar Mukhopadhyay Download PDF (1.20 MB)
Premer Thakur 29-i Khagendranath Mitra Download PDF (524 KB)
Joubaner Abhishap 37-i Jitendranath Bandopadhyay Download PDF (589 KB)
Swami 41-53 Abinashchandra Ghoshal Download PDF (817 KB)
Bhuler Phul 54-59 Lila Devi Download PDF (543 KB)
Mandir Pathe 60-75 Fanindranath Paul Download PDF (1.12 MB)
Banedi Gharer Barai 76-i Betal Bhatta Download PDF (799 KB)
Barshasmriti 81-87 Surendranath Majumdar Download PDF (833 KB)
Byathar-Asa 88-91 Nilmani Chattopadhyay Download PDF (210 KB)
Swayang Kanya 92-iii Satishchandra Ghatak Download PDF (1.11 MB)
Bagan 105-111 Charuchandra Mitra Download PDF (324 KB)
Mem-Saheb 112-121 Keshabchandra Gupta Download PDF (892 KB)
Churir Katha— 122-126 Jitendranath Bandopadhyay Download PDF (854 KB)
Rakshasi Rani 127-141 Purnashashi Devi Download PDF (1.19 MB)
Backmatter 142-vi Jitendranath Bandopadhyay Download PDF (2.94 MB)
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