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Our Explore content allows you to browse all the documents/serials on the South Asia Archive.  You can use the filter options such as document type, subject area, and language to restrict the number of documents being displayed. 


Advanced search overview

Our Advanced search offers more detailed searching, allowing you to set detailed parameters for your search, such as limiting it to a certain publication/document title, publication name, author, or keyword(s), as well as giving you the option to set a specific date range and incorporate Boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT) into your search. We also provide a range of additional filters to narrow your results further, such as document type, subject area, and language (English, Bengali, and Sanskrit).

Wildcards are supported on the site and can be used in all search fields. They can be used in a search query to represent an unknown character.

  • The asterisk (*) represents any group of characters, including no character.
  • The question mark (?) represents any single character.
  • The dollar sign ($) represents zero or one character (useful when searching for expressions).

Search results

Selecting the Return to search link from the Search results will enable you to return to your previous search query (prepopulated fields and filters) and edit or delete as you wish.

Our Search results provide faceted searching, allowing you to further reduce the number of results being displayed, such as limiting by (and in combination with) document type, publication date, subject area, and language. To clear any selected filters click on the Clear filters link.

Clicking on the Publication titles tab will list any serials or standalone documents such as books and journals.

Image viewer overview

Clicking on an Image view button from Explore content, search results, and table of contents/section(s) will open the image viewer. The image viewer offers a number of different options:

  • Clicking on the View thumbnails button will display all the pages within the document.

  • Selecting Jump to/page will list all the sections and pages within the documents and enable you to move between them.


  • Clicking on the Next page/Previous page link will take you to the next or previous page in the document.


  • Clicking on Next issue/Previous issue will take you to the next or previous issue in the series.


  • Clicking on Next hit/Previous hit will take you to the next or previous page where your search term is highlighted.


  • Download page range enables you to select the range of pages you want to download as a PDF document.


  • Clicking on the + / - button will allow you to zoom in and out of the page.


  • Clicking on the Home button will return the page to the default zoom settings.


  • Clicking on the circle button will take you to or from a full page view.
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