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Title Upasana (Bengali)
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sabitri Prasanna Chatterji
Publisher Region Calcutta


Upasana, a monthly Bengali periodical and review journal edited by Chandrasekhar Mukhopadhyay, was first published in 1310 B.S. (1903). Maharaja Manindrachandra Nandy was its patron. The journal covered a wide array of themes representing history, politics, society, religion and philosophy, culture, linguistics, literature, astrology and science. Book reviews constituted a regular section of the journal.


A serialized section on the various acts and regulations passed by the British Government appeared in some of the issues of the journal. Writers who contributed regularly to the journal included Prasanna Kumar Ray, Priyanath Bandyopadhyay, Bhujangadhar Raychaudhury, Lalitmohan Bandyopadhyay, Radhikacharan Barat, Kalidas Ray, Ramanimohan Ghosh and Rajani Kanta Sen.


The articles on science, technology and medicine included Nirmal Chandra Sen’s ‘Bange Malariar Itibritta o Pratisedh’ (History of Malaria and its Prevention in Bengal) and ‘Bigyaner Bartaman o Bhobisyot’ (The Present and Future of Science); Mohinimohan Roy’s ‘Bigyanalochona’ (A Discussion of Science); Sashisekhar Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Paramanu’ (Atom); Annada Prasad Acharya’s ‘Ayurvedokto Basanta Chikitsa’ (Treatment of Small Pox as told in Ayurveda), Satishchandra Sarkar’s ‘Udvidtattva’ (Botany), and Jagadananda Ray’s ‘Baigyanik Sarsangraha’ (Scientific Core Collection).


Notable contributions in the fields of religion, spirituality and philosophy were Mohinimohan Roy’s ‘Europe’e Adhyatma Bigyan’ (Spiritual Science in Europe), Abhilaschandra Sarbabhouma’s ‘Upanishader Pratipadya’ (Core Themes of the Upanishads), Umesh Chandra Gupta Bidyaratna’s ‘Jagate Adi Sabhya Ke?’ (Who Was the Oldest Civilized of the World?), Jagyeswar Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Narasingha Puja’ (The Worship of Narasingha), Achyutananda Saraswati’s ‘Nyaya Darshane Bouddha Mat Khandan’ (Refutation of the Buddhist View in Nyaya Philosophy), Chandrasekhar Basu’s serialized pieces ‘Brahmapasanatattva’ (Theory of the Worship of Brahma) and ‘Bedanta Bichar’ (Understanding the Vedanta), and Akhshay Kumar Maitreya’s ‘Ramayana Tattva’ (The Theory of the Ramayana).


Other important articles included Radhikacharan Barat’s portrait of the character of Gandhari in the Mahabharata (‘Gandhari’); Kalidas Ray’s ‘Gitikabye Rabindranath’ (Rabindranath in Lyrical Poetry); Umesh Chandra Gupta Bidyaratna’s ‘Bidhaba Bibaha’ (Widow Remarriage) and ‘Stri Swadhinata’ (Women’s Freedom); and Baikunthanath Ray’s ‘Hindu Jyotish’ (Hindu Astrology).

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