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Indian Education, A Monthly Record was published for 20 consecutive years from Bombay and printed at Longmans Green and Company. While there were similar journals of the same name published in the same period, what distinguishes this journal is the subheading: ‘A Monthly Record’. The South Asia Archive Collection has the entire run except the issues from the last year of publication.

This journal is an invaluable resource on education in colonial India and also published regular pieces on education in England and parts of South East Asia such as Burma. Its popularity can be gauged from the number of advertisements published in the first few pages of the journal in a section entitled the ‘Indian Education Advertiser’. School and college textbooks that were published in the years 1902–1922 were regularly advertised in the journal and one of the interesting advertisements was published under the following heading: ‘Text Books for Teachers’ (November 1920). It included a whole list of publications and was followed up with an advertisement for a tutorial home. The Tutorial Home mentioned a London address and subsequently listed a gamut of agents of the coaching center based in various Indian cities.

The journal published detailed essays on education in the various Indian provinces, with one particular province being in focus every month. Critical commentaries highlighting the problems within the educational sector were also published with regularity, essays aimed to offer correctives to academics and administrators alike. Finally, the journal started the practice of paying contributors whose essays were accepted for publication in an attempt to raise the standard of pieces published in its pages. This particular fact often found mention on the cover, giving it a distinct identity in comparison with its contemporaries.


Book Reviews and analyses of other contemporary publications finished off a particular issue, and Indian Education can very well be considered an early prototype of a twenty-first-century journal.


The reasons why the journal ceased publication from 1922 onwards remain unknown, but there is little doubt that it constitutes a valuable resource to better understand education in colonial India.

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