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Title The Agricultural Journal of India
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The Agricultural Research Institute at Pusa started to publish the Agricultural Journal of India in 1906, an illustrated journal on ‘agriculture and allied subjects for the general reader interested in agriculture and in Indian agriculture’. Initially the journal was edited by the Inspector-General of Agriculture in India and published by the Thacker, Spink & Co., Calcutta on behalf of the Agricultural Research Institute. Later, the Agricultural Advisor to the Government of India became its editor and the journal was published on behalf of the Imperial Department of Agriculture in India six times a year. Officials of the Agricultural Department and ex-students of agricultural colleges were allowed to subscribe to the journal at a reduced rate. The journal dealt with subjects connected with agricultural economies, field and garden crops, economic plants and fruits, soils, manures, methods of cultivation, irrigation, climatic conditions, insect pests, fungus diseases, cooperative credit, agricultural cattle, farm implements, and other agricultural matters in India.


The journal published original articles, notes, reports, news, correspondences, and book reviews. Published articles included. F.G. Sly’s ‘The Departments of Agriculture in India’; J.W. Leather’s ‘Manuring Sugarcane’; H. Maxwell-Lefroy’s ‘The Insect Pests of Cotton in India’; B.C. Basu’s ‘Orange Cultivation in the Khasi Hills’; C. Bergtheil’s ‘The Study of Fermentation as Applied to Agriculture’; H.H. Mann’s ‘The Renovation of Deteriorated Tea’; Adolf Lehmann’s ‘Commercial Fertilizers’; Bernard Coventry’s ‘Rhera Experiments in India’; H.R. Crosthwait’s ‘Co-operative Credit and the Central Bank’; C. Benson’s ‘South Indian Agricultural Folklore’; L.E.P. Gaskin’s ‘Cotton Cultivation and Trade in the Central Provinces and Berar’; W.H. Moreland’s ‘Oudh Seed-depots’; J. Mallison’s ‘Proposed Grass-land Experiments in India’; and H.H. Mann’s ‘The Cultivation of Para Rubber in North-East India’. The journal also published tables showing the constitution of the Imperial and Provincial Department of Agriculture in India.


The journal published occasional special numbers such as the Indian Science Congress Special Number of 1919.

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