The Agricultural Journal of India
Document Title The Agricultural Journal of India
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publication Date 1922
Subject Agriculture and Environment
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - iv The Agricultural Adviser to the Government of India Download PDF (242 KB)
Original Articles
Some Common Indian Birds. No. 16. The Bengal Red-Vented Bulbul (Molpastes Hemorrhous Bengalensis) 343 - 346 T. Fletcher & C.M. Inglis Download PDF (212 KB)
An Improved Type of Cotton for the Dharwar-American Tract 347 - 352 G.L. Kottur Download PDF (259 KB)
The Improvement of the Coconut Jaggery Industry on the West Coast 353 - 366 Roland Norris, B. Visvanath & K. Nair Download PDF (658 KB)
Studies in Methods to Prevent Nitrogen Losses from Dung and Urine during Storage 367 - 374 N.V. Joshi Download PDF (368 KB)
Experiments with a Light Motor Tractor in the Oel Estate, Kheri 375 - i H.C. Young & B.C. Burt Download PDF (353 KB)
Sugarcane Root Systems : Studies in Development and Anatomy 381 - vii T.S. Venkatraman & R. Thomas Download PDF (633 KB)
Experience of Prickly Pear as an Emergency Cattle Foold 389 - 391 N.V. Hanmante Download PDF (147 KB)
Selected Articles
A National Policy for Agricultural Research 392 - 404 Raymond Pearson Download PDF (668 KB)
The Question of the Distance between Cane Rows. A Brief Resume and some Additional Data 405 - i Arthur Rosenfeld Download PDF (529 KB)
Notes 413 - 429 unknown Download PDF (832 KB)
Personal Notes, Appointments and Transfers, Meetings and Conferences, etc. 430 - 434 unknown Download PDF (162 KB)
Reviews 435 - 438 unknown Download PDF (221 KB)
New Books on Agriculture and Allied Subjects 439 - 440 unknown Download PDF (61 KB)
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