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Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta


Started in 1924 (the same year as the founding of the Indian Chemical Society), the Journal of the Indian Chemical Society was a journal of chemistry and the chemical sciences, and was published for the Indian Chemical Society, Calcutta, at the Calcutta University Press. The journal’s editors included S.S. Bhatnagar, B.K. Singh, S.S. Joshi, A.C. Sircar, J.C. Ghosh, J.N. Ray and P. Ray. The journal published research papers and book reviews.


Contributors were affiliated to Indian colleges, universities and research institutes, for example: University of the Panjab; Science College, Patna; Allahabad University; The Muslim University, Aligarh; University College of Science and Technology, Calcutta; Presidency Colleges, Calcutta and Madras; Royal Institute of Science, Bombay; Wilson College, Bombay; Dacca University; and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The research articles published results of experiments involving chemical preparation, reaction, interaction, condensation, concentration, nitration, mercuration, explosion, and synthesis. Published articles included Kali Pada Basu and Nihar Chandra Roy’s ‘Photochemical Reaction Between Fatty Acids and Chlorine in Carbon Tetrachloride Solutions’; K.G. Naik and R.K. Trivedi’s ‘A Study of the Selenium Tetrachloride with Substances Containing the Reactive Methylene Group’; M. Nierenstein’s ‘The Catechins of the Cutch-producing Acacias’; Prafulla Chandra Ray and Nadiabehari Adhikary’s ‘Complexes of Iodide with Alkyl Sulphonium Iodides’; Chittaranjan Barat’s ‘Reactivity of Conjugated Systems’; M.N. Goswami’s ‘Stability of Unsaturated Compounds in Presence of Catalysts’; Satish Chandra De’s ‘Studies on Oxidation’; and Bawa Kartar Singh’s ‘The Early Development of Stereochemistry and Pasteur’s Law’.

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