Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, April, 1935
Document Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, April, 1935
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date April 1935
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - v J.C. Ghosh & A.C. Sircar Download PDF (433 KB)
A New Method of Preparing Organo-mercury Compounds of Phenols and Aromatic Amines. Part II 211 - 215 Panchanan Neogi & Gopal Muhherjee Download PDF (243 KB)
The “Electron Transfer” Theory Applied to the Reactions in the (Photographic) Developing Bath 216 - 219 K. Pandalai Download PDF (179 KB)
Studies On Optical Activity and Chemical Constitution. Part I. Optically Active Bases and Acids 219 - 225 Mahan Singh Download PDF (268 KB)
On Anacardic Acid. Part I. Anacardic Acid and Tetrahydroanacardic Acid 226 - 231 P. Pillay Download PDF (304 KB)
On Anacardic Acid. Part II. The Constitution of Tetrahydroanacardic Acid 231 - 236 P. Pillay Download PDF (291 KB)
The Formation and Stability of Polybromide Derivatives of Heterocyclic Compounds. Part V. The Bromination of some 2-Arylimino-3-aryl-4-keto-5-methyltetrahydrothiazoles and their 5 :5-Dimethyl Homologues and some Remarks on the Theory of Singlet Linkages 237 - 245 Bashir Ahmad, Ranchhodji Desai & Robert Hunter Download PDF (454 KB)
Halogenation. Part X. Preparation of Mixed Halogen Derivatives of Xylenes 245 - 248 Phuldeo Varma & K.S. Raman Download PDF (194 KB)
Parachor and Chemical Constitution. Part II. The Structure of the Triphenylmethane Dyes 248 - 257 Susil Ray Download PDF (322 KB)
A Yellow Colouring Matter from the Wood of Adiva Cordifollia, Hook 257 - 261 Jagaraj Lal Download PDF (326 KB)
Chemical Examination of Butea Frondosa Flower. Isolation of a Crystalline Glucoside of Butin 262 - 267 Jagaraj Lal & Sikhibhushan Dutt Download PDF (295 KB)
The Rates of Racemisation of Acids of the Type R1(R2)Ch-Cooh 268 - 272 B.K. Menon & D.H. Peacock Download PDF (234 KB)
Studies in Salt Activation. Part I. Influence of Neutral Salts on the Enzyme Hydrolysis of Starch 273 - 286 K. Giri & J.G. Shrikhande Download PDF (577 KB)
Review 287 - 287 unknown Download PDF (57 KB)
Backmatter i - vi unknown Download PDF (272 KB)
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